Krazy Kar 2.0



Update 2.0 is now complete. Many thanks to you guys for your suggestions! I implemented a number of them, plus a few other things. Enjoy!

  • All behavior is now based more on random chance than timing.
  • You can now change the rate at which random events occur using the options in the new KrazyKar.ini file.
  • You can quickly change the delay rate (DELAY_INTERVAL) while in-game/in-mod by using ALT+PageUp or ALT+PageDown to increase or decrease the delay by +1/-1 units at a time. The mod saves the last set value automatically, so you don't have to manually edit the ini.
  • Increase/decrease random bounce height by using ALT+NumPad9 or ALT+NumPad6,respectively. This setting is saved to the ini automatically.
  • Burst nearby vehicle's tires by setting BURSTNEARBY to true (manual ini change).
  • Balls! Press ALT+B to toggle random balls spawning from your vehicle. Be careful though, if you spawn too many of them you stand a good chance of crashing GTA. Whatever this is toggled to is automatically saved in the ini. I recommend turning this off when using a very low delay rate.
  • Tons of options can be set on or off in the ini. Just change true to false, etc.
  • Blinkers work when pressing A or D and turn off when pressing W or S
  • Feel like getting high quickly? I like to! Especially good for when you just have the urge to do a quick skydive. Press NumPad0 while mod is active for some quick vertical thrust!
  • Spawn a clown van while in-mod. Why? Why not! Press ALT+L

Want to add a little bit of a challenge to your drive? Fire-up Krazy Kar! There isn't much to it, just press ALT+K to toggle the mod on/off. When the mod is on and you're in a car then all kinds of calamity will ensue! Your car's tires pop and repair themselves randomly. Your car bounces up and down unpredictably. And your car's doors, lights, horn, blinkers, brake lights, neon lights, paint and roof will go bonkers, too! Try different vehicles out. Doesn't work so much in aircraft. Your vehicle will take body and engine damage, etc. but when you turn the mod off, your vehicle will be repaired in its current color scheme. Likewise, damaged vehicles are repaired when you start the mod.

If something like this already exists then please pardon my redundancy. I'm just experimenting with ideas as I learn the ScriptHookVDotNet API.



Just copy the KrazyKar.dll file from this zip to your GTAV scripts directory. If it doesn't exist yet, just create it and drop the file into it. Typically, the path to this is: ".\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\"

There's no ini. There're no options. Just go KRAZY!

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