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Thanks to Eddlm, PNWParksFan, ikt, Slick, Greskrendtregk and ReN

A dealing mod.

Currently featured:
Ring your dealer to get large amounts of drugs delivered.
While you are dealing peds will approach you and ask to buy small amounts of drugs, you will also get random offers from your dealer to drop larger amounts to peds around the map when you are on good terms with him.
Stash house can be used to store weapons, cash and drugs.
Vehicle stash can be used to store weapons, cash and drugs.

Drug dealing is dangerous and will eventually attract attention, being found with drugs on you when arrested or killed will result in all your money, drugs and weapons you are carrying being confiscated, so store what you don't need.
If you are killed by a ped they will take everything you are carrying, you will have a chance to get your revenge and get your money back if you kill them (drugs and weapons to come).

Some areas are better than others for dealing, the richer areas will attract police attention faster, want to buy larger amounts and they will also more likely to want cocaine instead of crack. Poorer areas will buy smaller amounts and are less willing to buy cocaine and more likely to want crack. The chance of being attacked goes up in poorer areas of the map.
Weed is wanted everywhere.

HEATBAR mechanics explained. There is a hidden value that ranges from -100 to 100. Every time you interact with a customer this value will tick up by 1(+modified by wealth of area) every second. If you haven't interacted with a customer for a while this value will count down. Staying on the same street for long periods of time will also contribute to this hidden value.
The heat bar is a visual representation of how long this value has been above 0. The higher this hidden value is above 0 the more chance you have of being snitched on.

Please forgive any funky behavior, this my first script so i expect some funky stuff, i think i have everything ironed out but you may come across bugs.
This is just a test version, alot more is planned and currently in the works.

Copy all the files into your /scripts folder, if you're updating from version 0.1b and any version after that you only need the new DLL included in the archive.
Config keys in the INI
Ring Zee to buy or sell drugs. You will find him at the bottom of your contact list.
Push the SetDrugCar(config in ini) button while in a vehicle to set this vehicle as your storage vehicle, this vehicle will persist between games.
To store stuff in your configured Storage vehicle approach the rear and follow the prompt.
MAIN key in INI will show you information such as how much you are carrying, your debt and current dealing status.

Known Issues:
- Weapon Dealer does not deal weapons yet. But he will drive you around for free. Get in his car and place a way point for him to head too.
- Storage vehicle will not save all modifications between games.
- While you can build up a debt and pay it off it currently does nothing except increase by 25% every time the dealer reloads. This is for future use.
- If you replace your storage vehicle your old storage vehicles inventory will be transferred to the new one.
- Weapons not currently removed from storage vehicle inventory when destroyed or seized by the police.
- Im not currently checking if the player changes character and then updating the player in my script. I think it would be an easy fix. But reloading the script after a switch of character or saving and loading your game will fix it for now.
- will bug out blips and possible ui stuff on reset using shvdn2.10.12. Safe on 2.10.10. loading will fix this.
- There is a bug with the storage vehicle, certain models will cause a crash when the script is trying to spawn it. If this happens to you, remove the vehicle name from within the HASH tags in your LSLifeSave.xml and reload. Do not remove the tags.

Requires iFruitAddon2 and NativeUI - please make sure you have the latest version of both as some older versions are being included with some mods you may have.
Tested on SHVDN 2.10.10 and 2.10.12

Please comment with any bugs you find, or any annoyances that can be improved. I want to get things cleaned up and running smooth before i start expanding on the mod.

For change log please view the forum post.

My games storage drive died last night, lost all my games. Im going to download GTA5 again but this is giong to take atleast 2 weeks on my slow internet.
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