Native Trainer - Re-Skinned and Better Controls (Now Works Again!) 1.03


(Requires GTA V Scripthook and ASI loader)

Has been updated to work with the latest scripthook.

I have created a new re-skin reminiscent of the old GTA IV trainer. Check it out here!

This is an edited version of the Native Trainer by Alexander Blade that has been re-skinned for those who don't agree with the current colour scheme, as well as adding better controls (keeping the old numpad controls too!) which focuses on the arrow keys instead of the numberpad, and adding a few more options for the trainer.

The new controls are as followed:
  • Left, Right, Up and Down - L, R , U , D arrows...
  • Select - Space
  • Go Back - Backspace

    Also, for the car boost option:
  • Speed Up - Page Up
  • Stop - Page Down

The new skin is just a new colour scheme, which is white and blue.

New Features:
Improved Colour Scheme
New Controls
North Yankton Loader
Mobile Radio

Known bugs:
  • Up arrow brings up the phone when in the menu.

Also to answer all of those saying it is not better controls, you're right, for people who know how to use it. This is supposed to be more user friendly, for those who don't really know how to use the menu (and trust me, there are alot of them). If you are returning from GTA IV then you will know how to navigate this, but if you are new and don't understand how, this is supposed to be an alternative.

For those who want to build upon the mod, here is a link to a Github repository:


Version 1.03
Added mobile radio under "Misc" and preparation for custom set colours on the trainer (update 1.04)

Version 1.02
Fixed some bugs, made the select tab colour a bit darker and added the North Yankton loader/teleporter by "TacoDeBoss". Credit goes to him for creating the North Yankton loader & teleort.

Version 1.0
Initial release.

Extra Credits:

"TacoDeBoss" for creating the North Yankton loader.

"Syon Foppen" for the Mobile Radio code.

Note - wow I didn't expect this to blow up. I have a few things to say. First off, I never expected to get any downloads on either of my reskins and they were just there really for me and my friends because we hated the normal look of the trainer - I added the features we wanted in but didn't really listen to anyone else. Sorry.

Anyways, I just wanted to point out that I can't update this for a number of reasons; I haven't played GTA since April/May, I no longer have the source code/project for this (the updated version I intended to release but never got around to, and quite frankly I can't add alot of these things you're requesting.

I will try to update the mod soon (within the next week) with things you guys request, aswell as trying to fix some bugs. Anyways, stay tuned and thanks for 12k downloads wow.

That's it :)
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