Prison Mod v0.6

Prison mod is a mod that let you go to the prison
to go to prison just let the police arrest you or press F12 if your wanted level is bigger then 1.
you can go out by bail or escape
you can make prisoners and the guards kill each anther.
you will have the full ride from where you are arrested to the prison

if you have a bug when you are in the prison repeat installation from 8
i can't help you with bug if you don't send to me

change log:
- initial release
- when you been arrested as Trevor or franklin you bailing out as Trevor or franklin.
- when your wanted level is bigger then 1 you can use F12 to go to prison
- add a prison-outfit thanks to MrGTAmodsgerman
- add an escape vehicle
- add an riot enabled (you must walk near the prisoner before you make riot to load them in the list)
- some bug fix
- full ride (you can skip it by press [E])
- Compatibility with .NET ScriptHook v2.0.
- bug fix
- fix riot system
_ add re-spawn system when you died
Installation :
1)Download and Install/open OpenIV.
2)Create a folder inside your GTA 5 Directory with the name "mods"
3)Copy your x64v.rpf file to your mods folder.
4)Browse to GTAV\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\ with OpenIV and go in the Edit Mode!
5)Select all Folders inside of the "Modded" Folder from the Download.
6)Drag the 3 Folders(player_one,player_tw...) inside your streamedpeds_players.rpf
7)Now click on File>Rebuild and wait a Minute to 100%.

8)install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2(or higher, so skip this on Windows 10)

9)install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 (x64)Do that again even if you think you already have them.

10) Install Script Hook V

11)Install Script Hook V .NET

12)Extract the downloaded archive.
13)Copy the Prison_mod.dll file from the downloaded archive and paste it into the scripts folder in the main GTA 5 folder.

1) add drug system so you can bay or sell drugs
2) add a solitary system when you attack someone
3) you can tell me your Idea.

Credits :
MrGTAmodsgerman for his prison-outfit.
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First Uploaded: June 17, 2015
Last Updated: September 07, 2015
Last Downloaded: 23 minutes ago

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  • Michael2
    Pinned Comment

    @thelarta like isay if you have a bug when you are getting driven into the prison, and the car comes to a stop, alarms sound and the prison guard start shoting at you repeat the installation from (8)

    September 29, 2015
  • Default

    so well, thanks U

    September 18, 2016
  • Default

    Suggestions because I'm happy you thought to add a useful interior, but don't take my suggestions as is (You know how to Script...I'm in fact try to learn a little Python...no were near your level) so simplify if necessary or ignore...also I think there are 2 people making this kind of mod...maybe both of you should work together (Cause your on 0.1a so I know this idea is too much work)

    =====Prompt Surrender or Prompt Menu=====
    - So instead of being arrested with F12, could be get a Prompt when unarmed (Cops stop shooting us) and cop then arrest us (the F12 feels unnatural)

    - If 1-2 Star: Bribe on the Spot, [ Punishment (Price/Star) ]
    === Complex: Free ($500), Lose 50% Ammo: ($250), Lose All Ammo: ($125), Jail for 1 Day: ($0)
    === Complex's Rules: Max 1-Star Punish is Lose All Ammo
    === Simple: Free ($500), Lose 50% ($250), Jail for 4 Days ($0),
    === Simple's Opinion: Allowing players to bribe on spot helps avoid re-spawning
    - If 3-5 Stars: Can't Bribe, only Surrender or be Jailed
    === If Surrender at 3 or 4 then Payout (Lawyer Fees) is less (Discount)
    === If Busted/Wasted with 3-5 Stars then automatic jail

    =====Payout (Lawyer Fees)=====
    - If you can animate and props are avail: Interrogation Room with Detective or Lawyer, or a Court Room with Judge & People
    === Use this room (Anyone) to give players options to choose their sentencing (Basically Menu pops up and you choose where the money goes, all it is, is you and detective/lawyer in glass room or judge in court room > camera moves around > hand signal > Menu (No need for voice acting))
    === Complex: Would be to bribe Judges, Cops and pay Lawyers also punishment can be based on Stars
    === Simple: One fee
    === Bail: Do you allow "character switch" (Is that reason Michael isn't included) in case players get bored of being in jail? and they can pay themselves (Michael uses his own or has access too Trevor/Franklin's fund) off in bail/release (Like if you want to have the character skip Jail time, someone has to pay 30K to 7.5K depending on time left)?)

    - Allow a moment in which you can choose how long you stay by how much you payout
    +++ Example - Simple Payout
    - 0 Days: Pay ($30k)
    - 4 Days: Pay ($15k)
    - 8 Days: Pay ($7.5k)
    - 16 Days: None
    - 32 Days Max: Breakout, but its like a Heist (You'll owe money, $1000-$5000, a price so people can balance to stay or breakout, if you reset your days or increase your bail needed (Max 30K), but max 1 time

    +++ Example - Complex Payout
    - (Optional) Stars Multiple Total Price, Time or both: 3-Star (x1.25/+2days), 4-Star (x1.5/+4days), 5-Star (x2/+8days)
    - Payout Reward: Lawyer = Reduce Time, Judge = Keep Weapons/Ammo/Armor on Release, Cops = Ignore Wanted once (I don't know which star level, maybe based on what you paid off last time, 2.5k = 3-Star, 5k = 4-star, 10k = 5-star forgiveness)
    - 0 Days: Pay 30-60k (Lawyer $30k), (Judge $20k), (Cops $10k)
    - 4 Days: Pay 15-30k (Lawyer $15k), (Judge $10k), (Cops $5k)
    - 8 Days: Pay 7.5-15k (Lawyer $7.5k), (Judge $5k), (Cops $2.5k)
    - 16 Days: Optional pay 3.75k (Lawyer $0), (Judge 2.5k + -50% Ammo), (Cops 1.25k + Short Shadow Star (Like Lvl 1/15Stars cause each level must have 3 = A.Solid, B.Blink & C.Shadow so value must be 15 with 1-3=1-Star, etc) aka need good behavior like parole)

    - 32 Days Max: Breakout, same as top, depending on Sentence and Bribe controls cost and hostility when/after you break out.
    === Cost of Heist/Breakout: max 1-5/10/20/40k (Based on totals, Less than cost of Bail, savings is 2.75-(-1.25)/5/10/20k, can only pay less for bad escape) and to max 100k (for Max bail after each failed breakout) from any sentence in 10k increments (...........

    Sadly my thought process shutdown I don't know what to base the punishment off.

    Expand to read the full comment
    October 03, 2016
  • Default

    - Also about 32 days being max, if say player doesn't finish then they are discovered (Like they leave their cell with clues of escape)
    - Probably have (Tunnel and Shootout)
    - Simple ones: Contraband/Shiv (Kill your way out), Bribe Guard, Helicopter (Have one pick you up), Riot (Escape when there is one), Hostage take over (Demand a Helicopter, Money, but you have beat the waves of cops and rioters)

    - Based off shows and movies
    === Green Mile (Would be awesome, Trevor plays as bad guy, but Franklin plays as big guy and actually doesn't get the electrical chair cause they figure its Trevor, but Trevor busts out of jail with/out Franklin)
    === Shawshank Heist (Dig and Dump per day, Plastic Key, favours for Shoes & suit, strike pipe on lightning > Crawl through pipe > Change and get Warden's money...as for laughs explain all this to Michael with him realizing you pulled a Shawshank and Trevor does everything in a Trevor way...and Franklin calls him on cellphone T, questioning why he's got to meet him somewhere else)
    === The Cube Maze prison, the one where the smart gets dumbed down and at the end he says he wants the purple room (This one requires a puzzle structure prison, its basically you get 4 doors, 2-4 are traps, 1 = escape route, 1 person could tell based on code on door and his teammates would test each room for traps)
    === Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing, go through a tournament to get out of jail

    October 03, 2016
  • Default

    ====My Crib Cell====
    Another thing I was going to say is if you bribe Cops & Judge (Lawyer does matter) then you get special privileges (Like how movies give Mob Boss a comfy cell like an apartment, room service (meals), etc)

    ====Divided Gang====
    Gang war inside the Jail (I don't want controversy so no Cauasian Race-haters/bikers/mafia vs Afronite Gangbangers vs Latino Gangbangers), base it on what they are wearing...I know if we separate by ethnics then we can put in Tough (Never wears Shirt + Muscular = Hits Hard + High HP), has Weapon/Shiv (T-shirt + Has Tattoos), Bald w/beard (calls backup), Boss (Tough + Tattoo + Bald w/beard), etc, but there are other ways
    - Concept A: Shirts (T-Shirt shows with top tied down) vs Suits (Full Jumpsuit) vs Skins (No Shirt with top tied down, so bare chested)
    - Concept B: Hats (Wears Prison Hat) vs Suits (Full Jumpsuit) vs Ties (Wears Shirt)
    Concept C: White T-Shirt vs Stripe T-Shirt vs Black T-Shirt (Can be Tank top too)

    ====Orange is the New Black (Female Prison)====
    At random any one of Michael, Franklin or Trevor's Lovers end up in jail...how would be played out

    October 03, 2016
  • Default

    Also very sorry in advance if I'm asking for a feature you already have (Like Skip the Ride)
    Could we bail by going to phones or meeting visitors.
    Another way to skip jail time is voluntary confinement or sleeping it through.

    Q: Is the reason the price is so high, is due to near the end of the game you have so much money...how about multiplying the fines based on what the player wants x1-100 (just input any number you want)

    October 03, 2016
  • Gtao08

    Not that what i expected

    October 03, 2016
  • Default

    Bug the blue blips when it riot or escape mode it wont dissappear when i reach the destination or inside the heli. even i try to escape and loss the police. it wont dissappear

    October 18, 2016
  • Default

    @Lukong1515 i thought you are very happy and interested with this mod. i hope @marhex123 improve his mod like Lukong1515 suggest. cause

    October 18, 2016
  • Default

    @tandytanz Yes I am happy that you added something that Rockstar didn't even bother to think of (Though Golf & Yoga), but I wish it worked more natural.
    Pointless of me to say anything as I've removed GTA5/garbage off my computer due to the activation problem I get...Bought from Steam in case anyone wants to jump to conclusions. Pro I save 67GB of stuff I can't use.

    October 22, 2016
  • Default

    @FunnyGamer just create it

    October 23, 2016
  • Default

    @FunnyGamer you create scriprs folder

    October 30, 2016
  • Default

    I can't use this mod, i had level wanted 5 but it does not work.. Can anyone help me please?

    November 11, 2016
  • Default

    Dead mod

    November 13, 2016
  • 36a0b2 alba

    please add skype : live:cris_darius14

    November 19, 2016
  • 32128c nyströmmer+bo

    Doesn't work. Officially dead?

    November 20, 2016
  • Default

    I need the backup data ! my player is invisible, please help!!!

    December 03, 2016
  • Default

    when ever i hit F12 it just takes a screenshot

    January 02, 2017
  • 58d5a6 4f9e51118fphoto

    Buggy, it worked but when i was getting transported to the jails the police shot at the car and when i skipped. He did not enter the prison, instead he drove off kidnapping me.

    January 06, 2017
  • Default

    this mod is dope don't listen to anybody just download and play. :)
    check out my videos as well :)

    January 13, 2017
  • Default

    dick face bicth

    6 days ago
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