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This script was made in order to have a more realistic experience when it comes to breaking traffic laws. This script relies on that you already have cop cars naturally spawning in traffic. If you don't, there is a link below. Patrolling cop cars will attempt to pull you over to give a ticket if they see you doing the following:

-Using a mobile phone
-Driving a heavily damaged vehicle
-Driving against traffic
-Doing a wheelie/stoppie
-Driving without a helmet
-Driving on sidewalk

You may be ticketed for multiple violations. No wanted level gained unless you don't comply with cops or go extremely fast (configurable in INI). What happens after you get wanted is not subject to this script.

-Native UI

Also them patrolling cop cars. This should do it:

In to the "scripts" folder.

-Moved everything behind NativeUI menu. No more multiple key presses. F11 (default) to enter menu
-Script can now be enabled/disabled from the menu. State is saved in to INI

-Added speed zones for different parts of San Andreas (thanks to DarkDragoon)
-Street list is included and modifiable
-Added HUD to keep track of current speed limit
-Access HUD settings from Ctrl + F11
-Added km/h unit
-You have a chance to foot bail (details in Info file)
-Cops are more aware of your vehicle length
-Cop searching was redone to achieve better performance

-Fixed blip related crash
-Removed experimental feature which was included in 1.0.1 update

-If crossing street is a highway, highway speed limit is in effect
-Fixed 'Great Ocean Highway' not having a highway speed limit
-Female cops now have female voice over megaphone

Having too many violations on record will now have consequences. Basically you'll have your license suspended.
-Your current vehicle will be seized (locked for you, no towing for now).
-Every vehicle you get caught driving without a license will be seized. You can only get caught during traffic stops.
-Your vehicle will be saved (trailer too) until you enter it again
-Charges will clear after whatever time you've set in .ini. Dying or getting arrested clears your record too
-You can check your record with Shift + key you have set to enable/disable script (F11 by default)
-If chasing cop gets left too far behind, any available cop nearby will continue chasing
-If you manage to escape cops and you were siren blipped by a cop, your vehicle will be marked for felony evasion and you'll have your license suspended if caught in a traffic stop driving the same vehicle
-Losing a cop is now time based too if the chasing cop hasn't had a visual on you for a while

Cops on foot are now active and will report violations to any available cop car nearby. I've only included more serious offenses, eg. you won't get reported for not wearing a helmet.

Added violations:
-Driving on sidewalk

Things to know:
-Stop signs are searched within a 10m radius. If there is traffic light(s) within a 20m radius stop sign is ignored.
-If you are asked to leave your vehicle sometimes the cop will stand by your door, you're free to move your vehicle within a 10m radius.

Added violations for motorcycle:
-Doing wheelie/stoppie.
-Driving without a helmet.

-Motorcycle cops can pull you over (again).
-All violations can be turned on/off from INI.
-During chase any cop has to see you going over the set felony limit to trigger wanted level. Previously it was automatic.
Fixed issues from 0.8.2:
-No more civs pulling you over.
-No more pull overs being aborted for no reason.

-Added blips. (Can be turned on from INI)
-Improved cop behaviour. (Hopefully)
-Some timing tinkering.
-Added some RDE peds to be recognized as cops.
-Remove taser from chasing cop.

-Remove pistol from chasing cop. Given back when script is done.
-Search cops by peds instead of vehicles. Should work with addons now.
-Having emergency lights on ignores all your actions.
-Made driving against traffic violation less sensitive.
-Extended time for a cop to exit vehicle when you have come to a stop.

-Initial release

Things to know
You won't get over pulled over for going 1 over the limit, there is some slack. Also you can still overtake cars provided you do it quick.
Cops can be pretty rough with the driving. Just pull over nice and slow, as they say ;)

About the running a red light feature:
The script checks for surrounding cars around you and whether they've stopped because of a red light and are heading the same direction as you. Due to turning right on red being legal, script only checks if you keep going straight. Turning right or left regardless of the light color won't get you pulled over, depending on the size of the intersection though.

This leads to these known issues:
-If there are no cars at intersection on your lane you are free to plow through.
-If there is a car stopped at red light on left turn signal and you have a green light for going straight, you will get pulled over. This is pretty rare though.
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