Realistic Train Mod 1.1.1


Realistic Train Mod v1.1.1

Realistic Train Mod gives you the possibility to drive trains in GTA V.

WARNING: Do not save your game when you use this script. I'll hope to fix this soon!

What's new:
  • Radio support
  • Open/close metro doors
  • Tweak train speeds
  • Tweaked GUI
  • Hide GUI (Press F5 4 times)

  1. Download and install Script Hook V
  2. Put the realisticTrainMod.asi and realisticTrainMod.ini in ".../Grand Theft Auto V/" folder.

How to use:
  • F to enter/exit train
  • W to throttle up
  • S to throttle down
  • J,K,L to brake Light, Medium or hard respectively
  • Spacebar to change direction (Only works when speed is 0)
  • Numpad 1 to open/close left doors
  • Numpad 3 to open/close right doors
  • Alt + I to reload ini file (Useful if you changed something and you don't want to restart the game everytime)
  • F5 to change GUI position
  • Everything can be customized in the realisticTrainMod.ini file!

If you use the metro:
  • If realistic entering is enabled you now have to enter the train from the outside. (First door on the left)
  • Metro doors usually open/close automatic, but you can open/close them manually with (Numpad 1 for the left side and Numpad 3 for the right side)

If you use the freight train:
  • If realistic entering is enabled you have to be at the right door of the driver cabin to enter

  • Realistic speed, acceleration and braking
  • Realistic entering and exiting the train
  • Radio support
  • Open/close metro doors
  • No AI, if you leave the train

  • Derail support

  • Added Radio support
  • Open and close doors
  • Added option to display mph
  • Tweaked GUI size
  • You can now hide the GUI (Press F5 4 times)
  • Tweak maximum speeds in ini file
  • Removed possibility to disable mod (stability issues)

  • Completely rewritten in c++! No LUA needed anymore. (See installation for installation instructions)
  • Highly customizable through realisticTrainMod.ini file
  • New GUI
  • New brakemodes
  • Fixed little movement bug
  • You now exit the metro out of the train, so you can now enter and exit whenever you want.
  • F5 to toggle through gui positions.
  • enable/disable mod with default Alt + T (default is enabled with gta 5 start)
  • reload ini file with default Alt + I

  • Added Metro support
  • F5 to toggle GUI Elements
  • F6 to change GUI position
  • Definitly fixed F Key bug
  • Fixed only one train usable

  • Fixed F Key to enter train
  • Added realistic enter/exit train locations, see picture for exact location
  • Train keeps speed when entering for the first time
  • Removed subway support, will be added with next update!

  • Initial release
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