The Red House (new heists and missions) 3.3

"Hello, I'm Shan, you'll never see me, neither will we talk in person, but I got some jobs that got to be done and you seem like someone who can get the job done. " - Shan, owner of the Red House

"Sup, I heard you like to wave around your weapon like a Redneck. Well with me, you can wave your weapons but with silencers. I have lots of stuff I got to fix and you and me can make pretty big money. Come see me at my garage." - Roy, owner of the Blue House

Features :
  • 20+ different missions!
  • Bodyguards who will help you!
  • Brand new Heist!

  • [NEW!] Blue House with Stealth based missions

  • Press O to cancel a contract.

    Note : Press 2 and 8 to navigate and 5 to select a mission.
    Up / Down arrow keys for Laptop users and Right to select.

    Missions available on release :
    Assassination contracts are sometimes simple, sometimes kinda hard to complete. Their payout ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. Objective is simple, take down the target. Once it's done, Shan will contact you to tell you that your paycheck is ready.

    Mob cleaning is even more complicated, sometimes deals go wrong and other mobsters call Shan to take vengeance, you're here to clean up. Mobsters will be heavily armed but no expecting you. Kill everyone, leave no one alive, and Shan will contact you to tell you that your paycheck is ready. Payout ranges from $75,000 to $150,000.

    Protection. Emergency call that Shan received. A dude just got trapped in a hotel, get there, and kill all the men trying to kill him. You'll get payed preciously. Payout ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.

    Big Score Heist. Heist that consists of 3 stages where the player has to help Shan to get money from a certain bank account. Grab an Insurgent who is monitored by the cops or get a Cargobob from a construction site and let Shan's men bring it to you. Assassinate the contract manager from a security company, steal the files, bring them back to Shan. It's now time for a framing job, destroy the 3 trucks containing the cash in paper, and evade the cops in a Insurgent while gunning down choppers in the gunner seat. Once all of that is done, you'll get your $5,000,000.

    Deal breaker, the NOOSE is raiding our men who are trying to send the Heroin to Vice City by boat ! Go there, help our men push the NOOSE and save the Heroin by taking it back to the Marina.

    Missions that will come in the next updates :
    Taking down the whole mob.

    Note : Hey I'm back. Will provide updates and probably a new heist involving this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dTonBNKxDY
    Stay tuned ;)

    - Fixed the protection contract missions where a dude would spawn under the map.
    - Added a car blip for the VIP vehicle.
    - Fixed a bug where blips wouldn't get deleted from the map after completing a Deal Breaker contract.
    - Fixed pickup payement truck not getting deleted.

    ---- HOW TO INSTALL ----

    You need ScriptHook for V available here : http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
    You paste the .asi file in your GTA V Main folder.
    You launch the game, and that's it.

    Source code : https://github.com/GhostRolly/red_house

    Credits : Xenox for helping me test and providing great help during coding.
    Guad for the help he provided with menu designs!
    Robhol for ideas !
  • First Uploaded: May 23, 2015
    Last Updated: July 19, 2015
    Last Downloaded: 29 minutes ago

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    • Highlife
      Pinned Comment

      ATTENTION : Mod works fine if you have a paid version of GTA V, I cannot guarantee that it will work for cracked versions.

      Okay so I just fired up the game and downloaded the latest version of ScriptHook, aswell as the mod from the website, and it seems to work fine, apparently the crack versions aren't supported, I don't know why, probably because it tries to spawn vehicles like the Zentorno and it can't because it doesn't have updates, I don't know really, but fixing it would mean changing some stuff in the mod and I'm not sure I can do it. Thanks for all the people who have downloaded the mod and enjoyed it!


      September 08, 2016
    • Default

      keeps crashing on redix :(

      November 12, 2016
    • Default

      The Red House missions are great. The Blue House missions are pretty bad. They advance the game time by several days for some reason, and when I get there it disables my HUD. Seriously?

      November 15, 2016
    • Default

      this is why you get the maxiscrazy version, its a far lot less glitchy and all missions work. (except 1 or of like 20)

      November 20, 2016
    • Default

      Hey guys i've just uploaded what the maxiscrazy version of the Big Score, and how to get around some glitches

      November 22, 2016
    • Default

      Screen goes black and crash after finish mission for red house..

      December 03, 2016
    • Default

      how do I start the heist

      December 13, 2016
    • Default

      hey pal, i keep getting errors by script hook v saying it had issues executing the_red_house.asi but the game doesn't crash, i just can't start the missions anymore until i restart the game. Please tell if this mod conflicts with any other mods, thanks!

      January 10, 2017
    • Default

      Is there a way to disable the bodyguards? Every time a drive near them I accidentally buy them. + I hate that once I'm done with a mission they just kind of follow me. It's creepy man! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!

      January 23, 2017
    • Lamar

      @mrlucamk what's the maxiscrazy ver???

      February 05, 2017
    • Default

      The insurgent heist not working

      February 13, 2017
    • Default

      Update pls. and insurgent heist not working.

      March 02, 2017
    • Default

      get the maxiscrazy version, it works ive made a video on it!

      March 14, 2017
    • Gtao62

      hi this mod give me this error:
      An exception occurred while executing 'the_red_house.asi'

      March 16, 2017
    • Default

      @Rexcis @Ghost_Rolly -- Echoing Rexcis here, I got the same Windows Error when approaching the Golf Flag/Zentorno area in the lot by the Red House, with the header "SCRIPT HOOK V"

      It didn't actually crash my game, I'm still playing, just don't know what it means/broke.

      6 days ago
    • Default

      @Ghost_Rolly -- Heya, just reporting a minor conflict with @Eddlm 's "Bodyguard Squads" [https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bodyguard-squads] where the bodyguards from his mod were instantly hostile to the Contractor in your Protection mission. He jumped in my car, and we attempted to deal with the spawned enemies from my car, but my bodyguards from the other mod caught up and murdered my VIP as well as the enemies (lol). So! Maybe it was the bodyguard type I used at the time (?), which were Merryweather Black Ops. Do factions have built-in Hate relationships? If so, then it was likely a result of the Bodyguard mod. Just lettin' ya know! Loving this mod so far, so thanks!

      6 days ago
    • Default

      @Ghost_Rolly -- Confirming the aforementioned Windows "SCRIPTHOOK V ERROR" message that temporarily freezes the client until the message is OK'd by the user. At this point, the script for this mod will no longer function (new missions can't be completed/acquired). For me personally, it triggers when I approach the golf flag indicator in the back lot of the Red House. So this *appears* to translate into an inability to complete missions that require me to return to it, however I can complete missions that don't (ie: "Kill all", etc). VIPs can't be successfully returned to the house due to this error.

      Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, the Bodyguards from the "Bodyguard Squads" mod all react hostile to this mod's VIP regardless of faction. Whether that's a "faction" issue with this mod's VIP or that mod's bodyguards, I don't know. IMO it's a minor issue compared to the Scripthook error. Does this mod require an update to function properly with the recently released Scripthook V released recently?

      Thanks again!

      5 days ago
    • Gtao62

      @SpacemanSpiff Maybe its because of other asi

      5 days ago
    • D21c6a growing stronger

      @SpacemanSpiff BodyguardSquads have their own relationshipgroup and thus should be neutral with everyone. If @Ghost_Rolly shares the name of the Contractor relationshipgroup you can enter it in the bodyguard's allies menu so they become friends.

      5 days ago
    • Default

      Where are those missions ? i cant find them

      5 days ago
    • Default

      @Ghost_Rolly please talk me, how to launch (Big Score Heist)?

      4 days ago
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