The Red House (new heists and missions) 3.3

"Hello, I'm Shan, you'll never see me, neither will we talk in person, but I got some jobs that got to be done and you seem like someone who can get the job done. " - Shan, owner of the Red House

"Sup, I heard you like to wave around your weapon like a Redneck. Well with me, you can wave your weapons but with silencers. I have lots of stuff I got to fix and you and me can make pretty big money. Come see me at my garage." - Roy, owner of the Blue House

Features :
  • 20+ different missions!
  • Bodyguards who will help you!
  • Brand new Heist!

  • [NEW!] Blue House with Stealth based missions

  • Press O to cancel a contract.

    Note : Press 2 and 8 to navigate and 5 to select a mission.
    Up / Down arrow keys for Laptop users and Right to select.

    Missions available on release :
    Assassination contracts are sometimes simple, sometimes kinda hard to complete. Their payout ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. Objective is simple, take down the target. Once it's done, Shan will contact you to tell you that your paycheck is ready.

    Mob cleaning is even more complicated, sometimes deals go wrong and other mobsters call Shan to take vengeance, you're here to clean up. Mobsters will be heavily armed but no expecting you. Kill everyone, leave no one alive, and Shan will contact you to tell you that your paycheck is ready. Payout ranges from $75,000 to $150,000.

    Protection. Emergency call that Shan received. A dude just got trapped in a hotel, get there, and kill all the men trying to kill him. You'll get payed preciously. Payout ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.

    Big Score Heist. Heist that consists of 3 stages where the player has to help Shan to get money from a certain bank account. Grab an Insurgent who is monitored by the cops or get a Cargobob from a construction site and let Shan's men bring it to you. Assassinate the contract manager from a security company, steal the files, bring them back to Shan. It's now time for a framing job, destroy the 3 trucks containing the cash in paper, and evade the cops in a Insurgent while gunning down choppers in the gunner seat. Once all of that is done, you'll get your $5,000,000.

    Deal breaker, the NOOSE is raiding our men who are trying to send the Heroin to Vice City by boat ! Go there, help our men push the NOOSE and save the Heroin by taking it back to the Marina.

    Missions that will come in the next updates :
    Taking down the whole mob.

    Note : Hey I'm back. Will provide updates and probably a new heist involving this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dTonBNKxDY
    Stay tuned ;)

    - Fixed the protection contract missions where a dude would spawn under the map.
    - Added a car blip for the VIP vehicle.
    - Fixed a bug where blips wouldn't get deleted from the map after completing a Deal Breaker contract.
    - Fixed pickup payement truck not getting deleted.

    ---- HOW TO INSTALL ----

    You need ScriptHook for V available here : http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
    You paste the .asi file in your GTA V Main folder.
    You launch the game, and that's it.

    Source code : https://github.com/GhostRolly/red_house

    Credits : Xenox for helping me test and providing great help during coding.
    Guad for the help he provided with menu designs!
    Robhol for ideas !
  • First Uploaded: May 23, 2015
    Last Updated: July 19, 2015
    Last Downloaded: 1 hour ago

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    • Highlife
      Pinned Comment

      ATTENTION : Mod works fine if you have a paid version of GTA V, I cannot guarantee that it will work for cracked versions.

      Okay so I just fired up the game and downloaded the latest version of ScriptHook, aswell as the mod from the website, and it seems to work fine, apparently the crack versions aren't supported, I don't know why, probably because it tries to spawn vehicles like the Zentorno and it can't because it doesn't have updates, I don't know really, but fixing it would mean changing some stuff in the mod and I'm not sure I can do it. Thanks for all the people who have downloaded the mod and enjoyed it!


      September 08, 2016
    • Michael

      As others have already reported here, my game also crashes when getting into one of the cars at the parking lot. It probably has something to do with the fact that those are GTA Online cars and not standard included in singleplayer... Anyone knows what to do? Creator, wanna reply please?

      July 31, 2016
    • Michael

      Well it seems like he's not checking this page anymore... Those useless Chinese or Japanese sites or whatever don't help either...

      July 31, 2016
    • E161c7 dangitcj

      Not working at all, crashes at Red House.

      August 01, 2016
    • Default

      This does not work anymore.. my game crash when I start it with red house mod.

      August 08, 2016
    • Default

      I just test the mod, it crash the game every time when I get close to the red house, more specifically, there is a flag mark on the map, if I get close to the flag it crash the game. but other thing work just fine. anyway, anyone can tell me how to start the Big Score Heist? I never see it popup ?

      August 16, 2016
    • Default

      @Ghost_Rolly Any chance at an update?

      August 17, 2016
    • Default

      This mod is most likely never going to be updated. If it does not work, someone else should re-do the mod or the download link should be removed on the page until its fixed.

      August 31, 2016
    • Highlife

      @Cyper Hi Cyper, I asked some friends to try the mod and it seem to work fine with them, but one of my friend couldn't because he had an old cracked version, can you tell me what version are you running and if you're using the legit or cracked version?

      September 08, 2016
    • Default

      I got the same error as @TR71777 and I own the steam copy of the game. I was able to start a mission and complete a mission fine. As soon as I tried to go into the car parked by the Red House (got near the car) I got the error. It didn't crash the game and I was still able to play though. very weird!

      September 11, 2016
    • Default

      Same error, disc version. It's really anoying to reload the whole game for this mod only, but the mod is fun! Can you make reloading script option by pushing "insert"?

      September 19, 2016
    • 9a3cbd meself

      same error, please fix

      September 20, 2016
    • Michael

      Yeah I can confirm this mod is no longer working properly. while some missions might be okay, I just got a hard crash where I had to restart my entire machine and all I did was drive by The red house location. Removed the mod and now working all good again. Think this mod hasn't been working right for awhile now but I suggest running more tests on every aspect of that mod. Might be a compatibility issue with the latest Scripthook versions. Shame I love this mod and there isn't really anything else like it available.

      ps. I own legit GTAV Steam Version

      September 22, 2016
    • Default

      You can update cracked versions to latest "cunnings" update. It only crashes for me when I am close to dying or die during a mission? I feel maybe it conflicts with one of the police enhancements? I'd be willing to work with you to fix it. is there any known mods you know this doesn't work with?

      September 23, 2016
    • Default

      [02:05:42] CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'the_red_house.asi' (0x000007FEF345B9D0), id 33 getting that error each time i finish cancel or fail a task?

      September 24, 2016
    • 7135da gimp avatar

      Just tested this mod, it's working all right, played most Red House Missions and few Blue House ones, no crashes and stuff but jeez it's buggy as hell:
      - Zentornos sometimes spawn on each other.
      - In Red House Area peds spawn like 20 at the same spot, sometimes there are non.
      - Trucks in Garage spawn upon each other.
      - Money cases often don't spawn in garage (wouldn't it be easier just to transfer money straight to player account than messing with cases in garage?...)
      - Red House Big Score mission failed before it started, one of the vehicles got blown up by accident with me leaving Red House area.
      - In Blue House mission Nightfall drug package location was shown across the map in another spot and supposedly spawned inside building model because I flew everywhere outside and it wasn't there. According to all videos it should spawn in mission Motel area.

      If there would be the way to solve those spawning issues, it would be perfect mod. Missions are great, mod is clean and by clean I mean not cluttered with unnecessary features, you just get to destination do the job and get out, no BS. Design and variety of most missions is awesome, sometimes really brutal and fun. Those bugs really are mood killer =/

      September 26, 2016
    • Default

      When I try to walk near the garage of the Red House it just crashes my game, I have a legit copy of the game.

      September 30, 2016
    • E5a958 ncq4tj4tqp0


      Man, I'm being suffering from the same bug.

      October 03, 2016
    • Default

      i click right on big score mission then the speech on how to do the mission and bla bla bla....then the map shows both of the heli and insurgent..but then suddenly its gone and shan gv me message that wow u blow it up..luckily its free..help...I cant even do anything for that mission

      5 days ago
    • Default

      @Ghost_Rolly Great mod. I love it. The black thunder mission (blue house) has no location blip. Where is the scrapyard location?

      1 day ago
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