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    Just a note about one aspect, and the author's possible misconception of it :-

    Often, 'stage one' level tuning doesn't reveal greater 'oomph' in tuning, if anything it's worked to improve the manner in which power/torque is developed in a tractable (i.e road/track compromised) fashion that enables the vehicle to be usable still - think about how cash-poor independent racers have to often start with a race-readied road legal car they can dual use safely.

    By Stage 2, you are heading towards poor tractability for everyday driving (examples of which are when you see Impreza's where any torque-smooth car can almost beat them off the mark at the lights because the non-tuned motor develops better torque delivery at low rews).

    By Stage 3 type tuning levels, the vehicle has no right to be on the road - Stage 3 is a level that no sane tuning expert (pro) would apply to anything less that a pure track-use car simply because it's an untractible beast (on a good day) in traffic/urban road conditions.

    So, yeah your 'upgrade' change ideas (and i don't dispute the effort made) are ok for the TF&TF/NFS crowd, who expect piston melting, tyre melting 100yd '11's, but in terms of improvement to meet actual tuning levels or an analogy of them, far far short of an even vaguely immersive analog.

    Now i say this, knowing the in-engine (i'm talking RAGE engine now) handling of throttle -> traction -> acceleration stinks on many levels to the degree where maybe the game's analog of that triangle is close to immersive on EV's and Hybrid vehicles and the PC/LG/HGV's and utility stuff - which are all primarily pull-from-rpm torque characteristic tuned from the outset.

    So if the aim is to 'fix', then there's a hell of a way to go (and it'll require more than vehicle data tweaks). However, if it's aimed at the TF&TF/NFS fanboys (i'm not one, and bear the real world scars of what damage speed and ignorance of that crowd can do), then i guess you've succeeded so far.

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    October 20, 2017
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    Aside from the obvious, stand-out flaw (indicators/turn signals are generally of two speeds - 1 rate for turn signal, 1 different (usually slower) when all are used simultaneously as a hazard warning indication), it's an ok effort (mind you, it could easily been done with C# - in fact most of it is already documented).

    Now if you want to add features, you could add in 'sidelight' mode. Although sidelights are usually done with rear/front main or sidelights on the side nearest to the road, rather than the sidewalk side (pavement as we weird brits call it) - you could easily make it so the appropriate set of indicators comes on steady/static instead.

    As for the control structure, since such mods are supposed to immersive feel generally, make the controls replicate how the selector typically works - i.e. you pull the switch/level left/down (depends on the orientation) for left turn, right/up for right turn and centre to manually cancel/reset.

    So that would roughly translate to something like Numpad 9/6/3 (for LHD on a vertical movement, where pad 5 centres/cancels) or Numpad 7/8/9 for a horizontal type rocker switch setup (LHD/RHD is irrelevent to that mode of operation). So if you were turning left, you'd pre-press for left turn and turn left, either leaving the auto-cancel to eventually time out or manually cancel (Numpad 5 or Numpad 6 depending on the type of setup). If you were turning left, with intent to take the following right turn after turning, you'd left indicate and proceed but select a right indicator (bypassing the cancel/auto cancel) and then proceed, and having completed, manual cancel or let the auto cancel kick in.

    That would make it both immersive (you'd be using a LHD setup, so the appropriate combos are already listed) so all your config would need is to preset the standard controls and which orientation and if auto-cancel is enabled or not (the RW equivs of some older in-game vehicles didn't have auto-cancel).

    None of this is essential, so disregard as feels appropriate, but i figure if you are going to go the distance to make the mod, make it really shine with as much immersion as you can.

    With a bit more effort, you could randomly trigger off negative reactions against those who fail to make use of the indicators/turn sigs.

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    October 19, 2017
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    As it stands, it's got the good basis of a really awesome potential mod. I mean, the core you've built works and is stable and that's got to be a good foundation.

    1. I'm going to overlook how easy it is to outsmart the T, how easy it is to generally make it look like a kids toy rather than a super-tech AI hunter-killer of the calibre what it was inspired by. The reason i overlook this is because i suspect that the code is exploiting a lot of RAGE in-built features that the NPC's are controlled with (and the regular tougher/smarter NPC's/hostiles only are so because of in-engine 'cheating' to fudge their probability of tracking/pursuit and eventual possible destruction of their targets) and if so, well you've got to start somewhere and as flawed as the NPC 'AI' handling is in the game, it's good enough to exploit as a proof of principle test bed. But what it really needs, in fairness to your efforts, is your building an external NPC handler for your hunter that's somewhat smarter than the NPC handler and yet uses existing features of the engine to interact with the game world and offload the NPC Hunter's tracking movements. But that's a potentially huge undertaking, so i'll totally understand if that sounds incredibly 'out there' and unfeasible - but it's a pointer that what is both a limitation you'll need to bypass and also exploit equally to improve/extend this in it's current form.

    2. As a concept, i think you've missed out on a golden opportunity be devious and inventive in how the prey gets hunted. How about combine what would be SkyNet's ultimate hunter with a touch of Doctor Who universe thinking - use the Dalek nanobots concept (the way that Dalek slaves are created in the current universe with a virus-like nanobot infestation), so what the super-smart Hunter would do is exploit the environment (i.e. the population) to be it's eyes and ears in a hive mind, by creating controlled trackers to slow down/corner/harass the prey into making a stupid mistake of being cornered and only having one place to run to, straight into a Hunter ambush?
    Now all that is possible, with the existing native resources and a good creative bit of inspired mod coding to do the strategic working out for the Hunter. At the simplest level, it's like taking a zombie mod framework, but instead of the dead, we'd be talking hive-minded trackers that are able to think and process, but ultimately are controlled/moderated in their focus so they are almost like unconciously willing hypnotic pawns who are just 'aware' enough to function as humans not the living dead.

    But that said, that could easily be the subject of a THL reboot at a later date when you've run out of steam and feel the need to start a fresh.

    Irrespective of my comments and thoughts, i hope you achieve what you set out to do and whilst it's still a long way short of it's potential, it works properly and that's worth following on from rather than abandoning.

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    October 18, 2017
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    As simple add-on feature mods go (add-on in the sense of missing one-shot controls in the stock game), a good selection.

    Personally, i'd either have chosen :-

    Numpad 7: Open/Close front left door
    Numpad 9: Open/Close front right door
    Numpad 4: Turn on/off left blinkers
    Numpad 6: Turn on/off right blinkers
    Numpad 1: Open/Close rear left door
    Numpad 3: Open/Close rear right door
    Numpad 2: Open/Close Hood
    Numpad 5: Start/Stop Engine
    Numpad 8: Open/Close Trunk
    Numpad 0: Turn on/off emergency lights
    Numpad *: Turn on/off interior light

    Simply because they fall to hand 'blindfold' better (remember, if you were driving, you'd see the reason why). However, since you've left it as a c# script, that's easily fixed by the end user to suit their tastes - so not a criticism, more an observation.

    Now where this would really go well would be on an external 'sidekick' or attached panel - for a sidekick approach, it could be modified to use an existing code structure to allow for using a smartphone and either an app or webpage to display the controls in a pseudo in-car panel style.

    Or for those who've gone totally hardcore and use workarounds to use a wheel and pedals for in-game controls of the vehicle, the sidekick works or they could integrate this into one of the Arduino link-up mods on here already to allow a proper external panel to be added to such a setup, of course, it needn't necessarily be Arduino based, any MCU-based setup exchanging simple data over a serial link (debug port or serial monitor facility) would do as a basis, or go super-overkill and have an ESP8266/ESP32 based example signalling over TCP/IP via wifi/bluetooth (both are on-chip on the ESP32). Or go the whole hardcore whole hog and make a panel up out of scrap switches (or use an old car console panel and existing switches) and create a custom logic controller out of a CPLD.

    Optional extras could include, a key switch (with control logic) and a starter button to make the whole start-stop engine process go the whole distance (or you could go super-geek and use NFC with the tag built into a fake keyfob and resemble the keyless start on some cars). Adding the indicator triggers and mounting them onto an existing controller is.. childs play,

    And yes, i am guilty as charged on the count of having way too much time on my hands to indulge in such sorcery and black magic etc... :)

    *says the mad git who's essential GTA hardcore h/w addons include a simulated 'squirt WD40 on distributor' and 'hit starter motor with f*cking great hammer if it jams' and who's 'engine start' setup includes pseudo random 'starting failures', which is an essential for a junker/banger from Blaine County :P

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    October 17, 2017