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    I can't edit my previous comment but I noticed I was all wrong when I realised weapons and abilities were randomly generated ..........

    Anyway there are still things to fix in my opinion after a few more hours into the mod :
    The randomly generated characters should all have different weapons, it feels so frustrating when more than one character has a sniper rifle RNG is fine but it needs to be tweaked a bit to make it fun and not frustrating.

    You should add a 4th ability to each character, this 4th ability would be a vehicle specific ability. And if I am suggesting that it's because I've often died as soon as I got out of my vehicle because 2 ennemies were already shooting at me, making your vehicle more useful would prevent that and give them a more important role.

    The merit system isn't that great simply because it requires 4 merits to have an avatar be a royale, after nearly 10 hours into the mod I've only had 2 royales because everytime I won I thought it wasn't worth it to put 4 merits into an avatar. 1 merit should be enough

    August 17, 2018
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    Is it compatible with RDE ?

    August 15, 2018
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    What a great mod, surely among the best gta v mods.
    The UI is great, fluid, good looking and intuitive my only complain would be that we can't remap the buttons to navigate in in it.

    The Q key to change weapons is also a problem even if it can be changed, why not use the default weapon wheel ?

    The rules are simple to understand and the progression system is well thought as well, congratulations,
    but it would be a nice addition to have more diversity in the ennemies or even less powerful avatars among them.

    I love how each character is unique from the clothing to the car and the weapons this is so cool !

    My biggest complaint about this mod and the reason of why i'm not putting 5 stars is because most abilities feel underwhelming, I know they are supposed to be helpers but IDK we don't feel OP with them and that's a downer for me. Maybe you could increase the difficulty and at the same make abilities more powerful so the gameplay is more based on them ? Also there is a balancing problem IMO because some characters have really powerful weapons and useful abilities while others have bad weapons and abilities. Why not make some character rely more on their abilities and less on their weapons and others rely more on their weapons and have more underwhelming abilities ?

    I wouldn't mind having a character who fights with his fists and have really powerful abilities

    Finally, I don't think putting the same abilities on different character is a good idea, i'm not saying each should have unique abilities but each should have their unique stats on abilities. For example, how about a character with less firepower but a rise ability that recharges faster and pull up the ennemies higher than usual ?

    August 15, 2018
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    SWEET ! I love gta v's driving but the vehicles physics is just meh, this should be good

    October 01, 2017
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    @GTS Devs Oh good to know that the problem comes from me, honestly if something as simple as this was a bug it would be quite disappointing

    September 08, 2017
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    You seem to get a lot of praise for your mod and let's face it : It is the most ambitious mod that GTA has ever seen. But I find it has a lot of flaws and I think many people are not objective because it's fan made, so i'm gonna be this evil party pooper guy and tell you what I dislike about this mod SO FAR

    1) Having missions is great, so far I haven't been able to go on other planets but honestly the first missions are so pointless I found myself airbraking across the whole map because it's just annoying.

    2) The second big flaw for me and it's more of a bug I think but I haven't been able to explore space because of two reasons :
    First : I exited my ship mid-space and had to go back to earth with a plane because I didn't know the name of the ship, after that the game was really buggy and I had space gravity on earth, had to restart my game to access to the space ship again

    Second : I accidentaly went to earth with the space ship by trying to go near the satelite. After that I couldn't go back to space and had to restart my game

    So for now i'll leave it a 3 stars because there are some important flaws to me but I might change it later when exploring space more deeply

    September 08, 2017
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    @ImNotMentaL I have the following mods :
    Gears (manual transmission mod)
    Enhanced Native Trainer
    scripts folder :
    cargo plane mod
    map editor
    meteor shower
    zombies mod (the one usually in the front page)

    IDK if you know them all but maybe you have an idea, if not i'll try to uninstall gears since it's the one that's most likely to cause trouble

    PS : I've managed to take control of the plane once but it was empty, maybe it has to do something with the vehicles in it ???

    January 23, 2017
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    @ImNotMentaL that's what i attempt to do but before I can press any direction the plane just flies with a side direction "locked" and crashes even if I reactivate auto-pilot

    January 22, 2017
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    when i'm in autopilot and jump back to pilot seat the plane just goes straight towards the ground in circle

    January 21, 2017
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    January 17, 2017