World of Variety 1.7.2


  • Legal copy of game
  • Game version 1.0.877.1 or higher
  • Mods folder
  • Latest openIV
  • MP in SP


    The vanilla game is quite bland when it comes to variety. Seeing the same old sights and sounds over and over again.
    World of variety will change that. Bringing a new lease of life to Los Santo's and Blaine County.
    Check the features list to see what has been added.

    configured to be realistic & playable without cheats

    Installation is a automatic .OIV
    Instructions are included in the 'readme' file.
    Pirate versions not supported.


  • All DLC vehicles
  • Addon vehicles
  • Vehicle colour variations
  • Vehicle skins
  • DLC weapons (gangs)
  • Nude beaches
  • Police bicycles
  • Police patrols
  • FIB vehicles & agents
  • Surveillance helicopters
  • New pedestrians
  • New gangs
  • Gang cars
  • Street performers
  • Concealed carry permits
  • Random pedestrians have melee weapons


  • More Variety
  • IVpack compatible
  • L.S traffic
  • RDE compatible

  • CHANGES 1.7.2

    -reduced coloured taxis
    -removed lowrider gang cars
    -lowrider custom cars added
    -removed sovereign2
    -silent peds now have speech
    -complete update of vehicles.meta
    -readme file updated
    -lspdfr patch added to download




    OpenIV Team
    Alexander Blade

    Please do not copy or redistribute
    without the authors permission.
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    First Uploaded: January 22, 2016
    Last Updated: 1 day ago
    Last Downloaded: 10 minutes ago

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    • Default

      Ah, well if IVPack has issues iwth crashes then I'll pass. LSPDFR has enough going on, don't need something to trigger crashes often. I can change the RDE addon for the RDE version simply, the issue was when I was trying to include IVPack with it all. The only thing that RDE addon does is change the sheriff groups to two different ones, so changing it for that alone isn't difficult.

      Thanks again.

      3 days ago
    • 7341c0 10406440 10207389244826886 5188044353210451020 n

      @Cass can you please add instructions for manual installation in the next version? i don't want to search for every single file to install it

      3 days ago
    • Default

      @coool666 check out assembly.xml, it'll have the location each file is supposed to go.

      3 days ago
    • 7341c0 10406440 10207389244826886 5188044353210451020 n

      @Transflux ok thank you for the tip :)

      3 days ago
    • Default

      @coool666 mo problem, I don't trust OIV installers and having been a long time gta iv modded I am extremely comfor table modding manually. I feel like I don't know if everything went well or not with the installer (call me paranoid, I know).

      3 days ago
    • 7341c0 10406440 10207389244826886 5188044353210451020 n

      @Transflux the problem with OpenIV in general is that even with manual installation it fucks things up sometimes especially with textures so never trust OIV packages

      3 days ago
    • Default

      @Cass How can i understand this mod working/installed properly ? I did not see any differences.

      1 day ago
    • 0cf60d tytyuugy

      @Aiakos taxis

      1 day ago
    • Default

      @Cass Ok thanks.I found a green taxi so It is fine i guess.Thank you for the mod.

      1 day ago
    • Default

      Can I edit popgroups to add more vehicle in traffic?

      1 day ago
    • Default

      @Cass Why remove lowrider gang cars? Do they cause issues?

      1 day ago
    • 0cf60d tytyuugy

      @Jax765 They no longer have gang members driving them. Perhaps r* changed something, don't know? So I just moved the vehicles.

      1 day ago
    • 9b97bc gta5 2016 10 14 23 30 5555

      got it installed it all works great nice mod

      1 day ago
    • 8ada4c avatar61111 2.gif

      @Cass But green, purple and yellow Low riders with Liveries are still parking in their Areas,right?
      I also saw green Minivans,purple Sabres and yellow Tornadoes driving in the Gang Areas but never driven by Gangmembers,only regular Pedestrians.
      Also,never saw any customized Low riders in green in Families Territory.

      20 hours ago
    • E2ebc5 6781013 cool anime wallpaper

      @Cass Can you update RDE Compatibility too ?

      7 hours ago
    • Default

      So if we see green taxis, and white and green taxis, that means the mod as installed correctly ... correct?
      I really like the added variety, but I feel like my frame rate has taken a hit. How many fps can we expect to lose with this mod?

      7 hours ago
    • Default

      @haints I did not lose any fps

      7 hours ago
    • Default

      Thanks Screeen. Did anybody else notice this? Maybe it is something else on my system ...

      6 hours ago
    • Dilapidated

      @Cass check your PM's when you get a moment :)

      3 hours ago
    • Franklin2

      @Cass Hey, man. Can you make a version of this that makes it so cops don't walk around on foot in certain places like in Davis? Or possibly walk me through on how I can make it like that myself? Thanks. This mod is great, been using it for a while.

      40 minutes ago
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