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    i trying to open it in the game but the open button menu doesn't work, pls what is the opening button menu for EU layout?
    I tryed to open even with cheat string but is the same. Thank you so much for the help

    6 days ago
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    @Quincunx i sended you a private message, pls if you have time read it. I very appreciate it

    7 days ago
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    Wow Very Great Job, now the suspensions are more realistic, more soft, great, and the cars now swing but don't skid when cornering, excellent result, you gave excellent cornering control and by making the suspension softer it also gave the cars that wobble that makes them realistic. Now it's really a pleasure to drive, very reminiscent of version 0.94.
    The only thing I regret are the bikes, now they are less manageable and difficult to wheelie, in previous versions you were able to give the bikes enormous acceleration and speed, and a wonderful wheelie ease, hell I was able to wheelie even while the bike was still cornering, and you could wheelie up to over 180km / h.
    But apart from the motorcycles the cars are fantastic, a really excellent job, don't change it, for the cars it is the definitive handling

    September 16, 2022
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    all ok

    July 31, 2022
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    @Quincunx Thank you for the response, As I said I really appreciate your work so much, that's why I kept several old versions of your file handling, if it helps you I can send you the versions I have by mail

    April 04, 2022
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    Hi, I really appreciate your work, your previous versions were practically perfect, the driveability was great, it was really a pleasure to drive with your file handling. Unfortunately, the latest versions are a disaster, the suspension and road holding are painful, the cornering cars slip immediately, and the suspensions sway unrealistic, the fast cars have an unrealistic torque that only makes them slip and make them undriveable, it is practically impossible to drive like this.
    Now I try to search the previous versions for the one I was happy with, I assure you that in the past you did a wonderful job, really excellent, but the latest versions make me regret the original Rockstar games file handling.
    I do not want to cause offense with this comment, on the contrary, I hope you can reintroduce the old settings, I repeat that they were really perfect

    April 03, 2022
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    wow great mod, this work with last patch? (tuners dlc release?)

    October 05, 2021
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    best mod bro, the armadillo truck is amazing, if it could load 2 or three cars it would be the ultimate truck

    August 22, 2021
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    my favorite car, please could you create a dlc archive? I would like to add it manually as an addon, unfortunately my game is having problems with OIV

    June 09, 2021