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    @vZemp I tested the mod before laying it here and everything was fine, try reinstalling. Check if you have modifications that can conflict with my mod

    3 days ago
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    @w.. Thanks for the feedback

    @rockstarfan_101 Thanks for the remark. Maybe I will do something with it in the following update

    8 days ago
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    @GensokyoIsReal https://ibb.co/xhgfZFG Strange, I don't know why it happens. Meybe I will try to find the cause and thanks for your feedback!

    @TheAero In the next section of the backup of your folder "mods", copying a folder can take a lot of time, but in the future you will spend less time

    April 10, 2021
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    @Gucman I have neither the time nor the desire to do this, I hope you understand. you can do it yourself if you transfer the lines responsible for the position of the weapon in the hands and fov to the original file weapon.meta

    @JustGTAFan You can transfer the lines from <FX> to </FX> under each weapon to the original Weapon.meta file and meta files for dlc weapons

    @Red_Reddington you can change it yourself, just find the line "Recoil Scale Amplitude value" under each weapon in their meta files and reduce the value to the standard by comparing the modified and standard files through the "Compare" add-on for notepad ++

    @GensokyoIsReal I have corrected the scope for the assault rifle and the stungun position in the hands. You can compare the file of the new version and your custom file using the "Compare" add-on for notepad ++

    April 09, 2021
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    @SecreTTT The "dlc patch" is located in update / update.rpf. This folder should be there

    @Viktor_45_47_48 soon I will release an update with minor fixes and an "oiv" installer

    April 07, 2021
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    @Biddin Thanks for finding a flaw, in the future update i will fix it. Now find the file "weapons.meta" Find the string "WEAPON_PUMPSHOTGUN" in the parameters of the pump shotgun change the value "BulletsInBatch" to 8

    @GensokyoIsReal Thanks for your review!

    April 06, 2021
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    @AxelYT You need to open OpenIV go to your mods folder there go to update / update.rpf. Move the "common" and "dlc_patch" folders to update.rpf. Do not forget that all this needs to be done with the enabled edit mode

    April 04, 2021
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    @wojtulace They change the same thing, but in different ways.

    @Dima4887 Thanks for the comment. Maybe I'll make an oiv installer, but the manual method will remain

    April 02, 2021
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    @Poorsoul44 Thank you very much, the opinion of people like you is important to me

    April 01, 2021
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    @wojtulace I think you didn't even download my mod

    April 01, 2021