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    @ramirezdu06 yes, it was precisely that, tested now and i can confirm that the squad doesn't spawn with auto respawn off. Small bug that you will eventually fix. Take your time man, this mod is a so much needed gem! :D

    July 03, 2022
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    Yes! Mod is nearly perfect! especially now, with the added feature of changing the keys, plus the ability of adding a virtually infinite number of enemies/allies models. Something that can really improve the single player experience. A couple of notes though: 1st, i encountered some problems with spawning. The first squad, after being spawned "around player" won't spawn again, in none of the selectable spawning modes, No problems with squad 2. might require some more testing but it's probably a small bug. Second: would it be possible to add some variety to squads, like the old mod this one is inspired to? Could be another two or three lines in the squad menu, where you select other models and then the script randomizes between those three models, something like that. And 3rd: Spawn to waypoint? In any case excellent mod!

    July 02, 2022
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    @ramirezdu06 great! looking forward to it!

    June 24, 2022
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    An enhanced version of one of the best mods of all time. You'd deserve 5 stars only for this! Anyway, i wasn't able to start the mod so far, iprobably my scriphookdotnet is a bit old, or at least i hope so. Another thing, i think an .ini file where to assign the start key is essential! People have loads of mods and re-assigning all the keys might become a nightmare. Please consider adding this option in the next update!

    June 22, 2022
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    @IsabelleXoxo__ just wanted to let you know that the tip you posted is working perfectly, but most importantly, IS THE KEY TO FIX OTHER BROKEN INTERIORS AS WELL! Changing those values is a bit of a lottery to be honest, but i'm slowly getting there. It would be cool to understand what those values actually do to the rpfs, in any case, you are a saviour!

    April 05, 2022
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    It's a great mod and a great project, sad to see it ending, but the amount of work here is mind blowing. The current version with slope acknowledgement and grip is a massive improvement from the past. The ability to create custom cars is gone (it's missing the "advanced options" feature in the .ini file too!) and i hope it will get fixed soon. Quick question: How much can you increase the grip and slope acknowledgement? gan i get them over 100 or it's a percentage?

    March 07, 2021
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    @sjaak327 The option to enable/disable the island is great, but the even greater feature is that it loads automatically when you get close to it. Great stuff really. (What? didn't i already voted this mod with 5 stars??) While you are there, have you explored the idea of adding the same enable/disable option for the aircraft carrier? Having it so close to the island seems strange, i mean it could make sense, but in some occasions it would be better without.

    January 02, 2021
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    Beyond impressive.

    December 30, 2020
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    Great mod! Some bugs yes, but that's something you'll eventually solve. My main concern is that it's available for main characters only. I think it would be better to have a "free" version to use with MP peds and whatnot, better roleplay freedom this way. Yes i can use the Character swap mod, but that makes everything messy and prone to crash. I hope you'll consider giving it a thought... for the rest, keep up the good work!

    December 28, 2020
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    @HeySlickThatsMe Fair enough, this mod is already a blessing for everyone experiencing problems adding stuff for MP peds (and also those who don't!) but i think that detail would be the final magic touch. I don't think all the slots need to have that entry, maybe just a couple, for some variation. If i had any idea on how to do it i'd try it. In any case great mod again, keep up the good work!

    December 21, 2020