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    @Dealien I want to improve it by refining the animations and adding models for the game, mainly food items. Also, I wanted to make the gameplay effects somewhat similar to what you did. Another thing would be adding drive-thrus, maybe some restaurant interiors, and some extra fun items.

    October 05, 2021
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    @Dealien Hey, I like your work! Want to join our mods and make a definitive version?

    October 04, 2021
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    @SH42913 Hey, I was wondering if you could message me in private on the forums, I was going to ask you something.

    September 28, 2021
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    @suzu666 What do you mean shops are gone? The ones I added with the mod are of course gone, vanilla ones will stay.

    August 04, 2020
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    @Jmartin0132 Doesn't work with Epic store version.
    @leoleo2213 Check the README file please, and the previous comments as well.

    July 25, 2020
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    @andythekraken Happy to hear it, mind giving me your discord if you want the vehicle part? I switched PCs and decided to take a break from gaming in general for a little while, so I would be thankful if you helped me with testing if you want the config.

    July 19, 2020
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    @IVANOF946 Yeah sure, send me your discord on the forums.

    July 15, 2020
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    @adopcalipt Can you do the prison sentences and perma death funeral for the main characters? This mod is great but using peds disables game features like money and mod compatibilities. 5 stars tho for sure.

    July 15, 2020
  • F324d1 1h8umev

    @andythekraken The vehicles thing is exactly why I didn't add it, but it could be edited in the settings if you really want it. To add additional beds you need to get the Vector3 coordinates of your bed. Currently the algorithm isn't very good as there was no way to properly implement this with in game functions, so the way it works is like this:
    If you click E and you are in 1-2 meters of a bed location, the script starts a timer which executes the sleep function if before the timer runs out the in game time skips some hours.

    July 14, 2020
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    @Challee You did not install correctly or have combined two fixes. Message me on Discord if you need help and I will personally help you.

    July 13, 2020