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    @Daiv17 So... back to what you reported. This bug you are experiencing is not actually my mod's problem. Tested it with a variety of euphoria mods and even tested it with the original euphoria physics, still move their legs and arms around like they are still alive but actually not. To fix this issue, download Watch your death's INCREASED HEALTH version, not the DISABLE SCRIPT version. Have an awesome day now and happy ragdolling :)

    5 days ago
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    @Daiv17 But for now, if you don't want the player looking alive when low health or in a death state, download the increased health version of Watch Your Death. Have an awesome day and i'll try my best to solve this issue :)

    6 days ago
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    @Daiv17 Im not sure yet but i'll see what i can do

    6 days ago
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    -(FIXED & IMPROVED) Fire reactions. The npc wouldn't react after falling onto the ground.
    -(HIGHLY IMPROVED) Shot reactions
    -(IMPROVED) Headshots. Added a behaviour that the npc will have a seizure after falling on the ground. This won't occur all the time
    -(ADDED) NPC will behave in a weaker state if an NPC has low amount of health. Will also have a harder time balancing
    -(ADDED BACK) Fall to knees death reaction
    -(ADDED NEW DEATH REACTION) Yanked death reaction. NPC will overreact more. REMINDER: Neckshots and headshots will change
    -(IMPROVED) Fatally injured reactions. The npc's legs will now pedal when on the ground. Adds more overreaction. REMINDER: This will only occur on the default version of the mod and the yanked death reaction option. Other death reactions will not be affected by it
    -(FIXED) a bug where if you shoot an npc that is near a building's edge, the npc could get stuck using super magnetic legs.
    -(FIXED) some balancing issues
    -(FIXED) a bug when shot an npc that is near a wall, it could cause the npc to fall over easily

    Stuff that is still not done:
    Weapons.meta for this mod as an optional to increase realism
    Head movement when resting on the ground as a player and on a roll state

    Don't forget to leave any suggestions or bugs if you have any. Enjoy the new update!

    8 days ago
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    -(NEW) Falling Reactions & Velocity

    -(IMPROVED) Headshots have been improved to look more similar to RDR 2

    -(FIXED) Neck reactions on pistols has also been improved. An NPC will now grab their neck to the part where the bullet hits

    -(NEW) Shot reactions have been majorly improved. Including pistol reactions, behaviour on ground etc

    -(NEW) SMG, LMG & Minigun reactions improved

    -(NEW) Rolling has been improved. Now legs don't always pedal, only on some occasions. Rolling is improved to mix with RDR 2 behaviour & GTA 4 reactions

    -(REMOVED) 2nd & 3rd death reaction option as fall to knees death option needs some heavy fixing & slow death option is already in the main mod

    -Other bug fixes

    & more. Hope you like the new update :)

    April 24, 2021
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    @thalilmythos This is extremely weird. I will tho update my mod soon cuz changed a lot of stuff on the falling reactions & shot reactions. Expect a update in a couple days somewhere. Have an amazing day & wish you the best!

    April 11, 2021
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    @thalilmythos what type of gravity? If you have smooth fps & your player is falling in certain directions, then it's intended

    April 11, 2021
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    Also join my discord server where you get early access to my mod & you can also see early previews of upcoming updates for this mod. https://discord.gg/jRvyyg7pAq . Have an amazing day everybody!

    April 08, 2021
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    Update changelogs are in the description. Hope you enjoy the V6.4 update everybody & don't forget to report any bugs here if you find any. Have an amazing day!

    April 05, 2021
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    @Ryguykc Thanks, glad you enjoy it :)

    February 28, 2021