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    The model is pretty nice, it's something i was looking for since i saw one of pictures from CREATIONS, however i think the problem with this particular release is that it looks too plain (normals have no wrinkles, textures are literally one color, no details at all - excluding the pattern variants) now, if the original model also comes with stuff like this (assuming this isn't a custom clothing model created in eg: marvelous designer) then sure, i guess it can be forgiven
    Also the specular map is completely black so the model lacks either detail maps or any sort of shine to it, the spec maps are split into three channels, the red channel sets the amount of glossines the model has, the green channel is for reflections and the blue channel is for detail maps which i don't know exactly works but the blue value can be easily copied from vanilla models, remember that detail tilling also has to be set in the material if you want to have them working
    One more thing i kinda don't like is how thin the model is, there isn't any "inside" layer to it, although that's not really an issue sometimes
    Verdict: i'll rate this 4 and half star because it has imperfections (although same can be said about 99% clothing mods on the website, however also most of them are trash tbh, your work isn't that bad)

    2 days ago
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    I'm fairly sure the E&E license plates are fucked up platelight settings in visualsettings.dat, but still have my 5 star rating for pretty faithful recreation

    4 days ago
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    @iammistahwolf "Also, do you have the bug where MPClothes won't render 'lowr's properly or at all after a certain number of slots?"
    That technically is (also) mod author fault, when you use MPClothes, game won't accept models that don't have proper normal and specular names, it will simply be invisible, not exactly sure why this is happening, but on other hand if people kept the naming scheme like vanilla (for example lowr_spec_000 and lowr_normal_000), there'd be no problems

    7 days ago
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  • 1ad344 wdunknowndev

    Dunno why some people hate this station apart from the fact it's "set" after the story mode, personally i enjoy all four sets

    September 06, 2021
  • 1ad344 wdunknowndev

    Updated since i actually did a typo again and i just noticed
    Here's some extra information:
    1.There is a typo in installation, the file is dlclist.xml and not .meta, it should be kinda obvious that i mean .meta though? Just addressing this issue
    2. I found the cause of why certain lowr mods don't work, the problem is with the mods themselves having wrong normal and specular names, they need to follow the vanilla formats but most of mods don't do that and it's why they don't show up when using this mod, no clue how exactly that works but changing it to eg: lowr_normal_000 and lowr_spec_000 fixes it
    3.I'm not planning any updates anytime soon for this mod
    4.Most of the issues reported are user-issues hence why i'm not going to respond to most of them
    5.Certain people have problem with clothing model and texture names but they're literally in description so refer to that
    6.If you want to increase the slots or mess around with YMT yourself, follow this tutorial created by NcProductions, it speaks about everything in detail and explains it better than i would have done (because some people wanted a tutorial or whatever) ofcourse you will need basic modding experience to get started, alternatively you can use one of those addon clothing tools, i never used them myself so, good luck https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AMKtsm1D--a_ACkxsnHP3CUEQrKisOTKTxp_vsmVlyQ/edit?usp=sharing

    September 04, 2021
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  • 1ad344 wdunknowndev

    Very nice

    August 29, 2021
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    August 27, 2021
  • 1ad344 wdunknowndev