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  • Wade

    @GIAN_97 which cars repeat and did you also install the vehicle metas? I see multiple cars but non of the repeat, it's always a mix. Do you have other mods installed? Look for the value parked cars and raise it by 100 in the gameconfig

    2 hours ago
  • Wade

    @Jokey not cool dude. Stop tagging me. No one is gonna answer your question. Figure it out yourself. You are being very annoying. Make a forum post.

    5 hours ago
  • Wade

    @Aurora11 I have yet to upload a newer version. Testing a gameconfig to go with this. The values in the video is a combination of popgroups maxed out with every ped spawning everywhere. The popcycle is increased to the max in the tens of thousands. And the gameconfig has very very high values in Peds to get that look. Sadly though it looks like I have maxed out the peds limit, but the sidewalks are full of a variety of people. Doing a final test on the gameconfig, then gonna put it all together and upload.

    Ya some first person cameras do need adjusting, but most are good when together with a proper 90 FOV. If your gonna edit the popgroups, add the tornado5 and windsor to all areas. So far the only two cars I have found with custom multi liveries.

    Also if you haven't seen it yet you should check out my 2k rain drop mod.

    13 hours ago
  • Wade

    You got a real talent for making convertibles. I'd be so happy to see you go through every car in the game and remove the roofs. It would be your style, and judging by the comments no one would copy you. Make an entire vehicle pack of chopped roofs. I love this idea!!

    16 hours ago
  • Wade

    @GIAN_97 Parked cars yes, with a gameconfig. Not sure about boats in the port

    17 hours ago
  • Wade

    @Aurora11 I posted a new video on this mod page. Can you watch it and tell me how my PED population compares to your game. I see a huge group outside of the theatre

    23 hours ago
  • Wade

    @Aurora11 I'm trying everything possible to have a noticeable increase in peds. Absolutely maxing out popcycle and gameconfig values I could get max 100 around the mall in one city block. Looks a little more crowded, but not like expected. Next thought would be reworking the peds in popgroups. Maybe the game wants to spawn more, but doesn't have enough variety??? Don't know, but I can find very little about population in the popgroups. Everyone edits this for cars, not peds. Let's see what happens when I tell the game to spawn 10 hippies instead of 1........

    1 day ago
  • Wade

    @Aiakos If med is too low for you then just change the traffic spacing to a lower number or raise traffic density. Its a ratio between these numbers that will get what you want. I'm not gonna change the numbers, med is close to GTA stock traffic, and i'm starting to learn people are gonna complain no matter what numbers I put in. Next update will focus mainly on cars and traffic with no ymaps, and i'll be setting a standard traffic density because words like low med and high seems to confuse a majority of people.

    2 days ago
  • Wade

    @Aurora11 Popcycle can increase population. For example Dell Perro beach is usually empty because they have more than 3rd of the PEDS spawning are fish and birds. Unlike deer or other animals, the birds count as people. So if you remove the birds, that gives on average 3 times as many people. With my gameconfig tweaks to the configs, there sometimes is too many people just hanging around. To solve this is to increase the amount of scenario PEDS doing activities, but that just creates problems.

    4 days ago
  • Wade

    @CindyStroyer I don't use fivem, but I couldn't see why not.

    6 days ago