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    @SaleeN Нет блеска в салоне, на дисках и вообще - авто какой-то матовый. Текстура карбона на рулевом колесе - как бы не имеет бесшовного размножения. Артефакты какие-то при попадании солнечного света на руль. Салон вообще не красится. Диски вообще не красятся.Подвеска настроена так жестко, что не наклоняется ни на один градус при поворотах. Нужно довести до уровня.

    16 hours ago
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    handling.cfg - more realistic
    <fMass value="1750.000000" />
    <fInitialDragCoeff value="7.2500000" />
    <fPercentSubmerged value="85.000000" />
    <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="0.050000" z="0.000000" />
    <vecInertiaMultiplier x="1.140000" y="1.400000" z="1.800000" />
    <fDriveBiasFront value="0.000000" />
    <nInitialDriveGears value="6" />
    <fInitialDriveForce value="0.300000" />
    <fDriveInertia value="0.080000" />
    <fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift value="5.000000" />
    <fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift value="5.000000" />
    <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="250.000000" />
    <fBrakeForce value="0.750000" />
    <fBrakeBiasFront value="0.425000" />
    <fHandBrakeForce value="0.600000" />
    <fSteeringLock value="31.200000" />
    <fTractionCurveMax value="2.300000" />
    <fTractionCurveMin value="5.250000" />
    <fTractionCurveLateral value="20.500000" />
    <fTractionSpringDeltaMax value="0.150000" />
    <fLowSpeedTractionLossMult value="1.100000" />
    <fCamberStiffnesss value="0.000000" />
    <fTractionBiasFront value="0.490000" />
    <fTractionLossMult value="1.000000" />
    <fSuspensionForce value="2.750000" />
    <fSuspensionCompDamp value="1.425000" />
    <fSuspensionReboundDamp value="2.02500" />
    <fSuspensionUpperLimit value="0.080000" />
    <fSuspensionLowerLimit value="-0.120000" />
    <fSuspensionRaise value="0.000000" />
    <fSuspensionBiasFront value="0.55000" />
    <fAntiRollBarForce value="0.80000" />
    <fAntiRollBarBiasFront value="0.70000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.290000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.340000" />
    <fCollisionDamageMult value="0.700000" />
    <fWeaponDamageMult value="1.000000" />
    <fDeformationDamageMult value="0.700000" />
    <fEngineDamageMult value="1.500000" />
    <fPetrolTankVolume value="65.000000" />
    <fOilVolume value="5.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistX value="0.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistY value="-0.200000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistZ value="-0.100000" />
    <nMonetaryValue value="35000" />
    <Item type="CCarHandlingData">
    <fBackEndPopUpCarImpulseMult value="0.100000" />
    <fBackEndPopUpBuildingImpulseMult value="0.030000" />
    <fBackEndPopUpMaxDeltaSpeed value="0.600000" />
    <Item type="NULL" />
    <Item type="NULL" />

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    2 days ago
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    @ArteX You just don't understand me) It's not about the name. I already have this model. But S63-65 2020 is not. What about the speedometer? Does it work or not?

    2 days ago
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    @ArteX Well, that's not it again. Mercedes-Benz S63 - S65 AMG W222 2020-that's what the soul asks for)

    2 days ago
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    Please understand: my opinion is that all Japanese cars (especially cheap ones aimed at a wide range of buyers) are garbage. What is the point of buying models or converting known garbage?.. Without insults. But, for example, this model is just junk in itself. Its shape and interior make you sick. In my opinion, only cars of three German brands can now be considered cars. Everyone knows them. The rest of the stuff. But it should be noted that the best modern German cars were cars from the USA 50-60 years of the 20th century. It is a pity that the Americans allowed Japanese automakers to enter their market in the 80's. Thus, they simply killed their car industry. Go to Detroit-the cemetery of the American automobile industry. Conclusion: it's time to lay out a fully functional working model MB AMG S63\65 2017-2019. I know that many modders sell these models and don't put them on the site. Soon W222 will go down in history. It's time.

    7 days ago
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    @GreenAid Sorry, but no rating! The control settings and physics of the car are so terrible that I have not seen anything worse in 20 years (since GTA3 in 2002). The car jumps like a horse, turns over at the slightest turn. What were you thinking, what place, when you invented it? Yes, I'll fix it myself. But I didn't expect this from you. If you can't do it, ask someone who can

    10 days ago
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    Nice ferrari!

    May 11, 2020
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    more rigid suspension, less roll in all directions. replace similar lines in handling.cfg:
    <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.460000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.470000" />

    May 11, 2020
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    @jazim_hammad Thanks! Elite car, super mod! Continue to please with rare cars! You are the best!

    May 10, 2020