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  • 5cd702 tv1

    Can't seem to edit, reply's, so here in short, if you manually set the varietymutlipliers in the settings.xml, i advice you to try this modded gameconfig but the standard gta base one.

    July 30, 2019
  • 5cd702 tv1

    Thx for updating , a must mod to have when modding gta V, for anyone who still has crashes (on startup/loading/ingame) that isn't related to dinput8 ,menyoo or other mods like mentioned above, i found that if like me you set the pedvarietymultiplier and vehiclevarietymultiplier in the settings.xml , for this gameconfig i selected the 1.5 traffic/ped settings, like i did with previous versions. but now it crashed, so i changed the gameconfig to the standard gta base, knowing my config in settings.xml is at 1.5 for both. and now it doesn't crash anymore......(yet) , hope this helps some people, and also like mentioned by demonreaper47, after an game update , besided the scripthook that needs to be updated, also the update.rpf archive is renewed and needs to be 'remodded' for the current mods you use, so i highly recommend , when having gta 5 in a 'good' playable state (modded that is), just backup the original .exes (GTAV.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe) and your currently used update.rpf (in the mods folders), so after an update you can just recopy these back to your gta folder and you should be able to play but not with the newest version, until you reupdate the newer update.rpf.

    July 30, 2019
  • 5cd702 tv1

    Nice mod but i use my own reshade preset, it gave best results. only thing that bothers me is,
    why adding more chemtrails? We know they implement it in videogames just to 'normalize' those dense filled with metal, (unhealthy for us), white (chem)-trail. but i see you added a folder named v-clouds, didn't put much attention to it further, but after only a couple of minutes ingame, i instantly noticed the increased spraying, (lol) ok just like in RL, but that all aside, great mod.

    July 29, 2018