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  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    @adopcalipt First, let me say that I was really happy to see a mod like this paying a homage to the old-school payphone missions from the first four generations of GTA (from GTA 1 to GTA: VC; not sure if GTA: SA had it as well). I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed this mod, and I think it now qualifies as one of my favorites among the GTA 5 mods. So, as a sign of my appreciation, I am giving it 5 out of 5 stars. I also subbed to your YouTube channel as a further sign of my appreciation. You are welcome!

    That being said, I am confused by what this thing is with "low-risk" and "high-risk" acc are. There is no documentation of this anywhere in the mod's description on this page. I went to check out the first video on this page but, unfortunately, it is not subtitled as I am deaf (though, I do wear a hearing aid device in one of my ears; While I can hear sounds just fine, it is just that I cannot easily understand the spoken voices... it is kind of complicated to explain).

    Could you or anyone else kindly please explain what they are or what they do exactly in this mod? Thank you for this mod!

    September 15, 2023
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    @SkyFire428 "alice4141 mentioned it above, you have to install it here:
    Grand Theft Auto V\common.rpf\data\ai
    instead of where it says in the instructions"

    Curious, when I read the instructions, I was surprised to see that the vehiclehandlinginfo.meta was not already in /ai folder at update.rpf. However, I do remember that update.rpf overrides common.rpf where a duplicate exists, so I thought maybe adding this file to update.rpf would override that of the vanilla version in common.rpf, but now what you said seem to suggest that it would not work that way. Curious.

    Also, just out of curiosity, when I saw that vehiclehandlinginfo.meta didn't already exist in update.rpf's ai folder despite the instruction to overwrite it, I thought this might suggest that it is possible to add a new file in rpf via OpenIV. Is that even possible?

    Anyway, will try common.rpf route first and see what happens. :)

    June 23, 2023
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to mention this but cars slowing down at the intersection while crossing it or turning to another street while speeding through the street is exactly how the cop cars behaves on a car chase. Even though cops drives crazy on the streets during a chase, they still at least slows down at intersection. LOL

    In any case, as I said, it would be good to see an option where the drivers would not stop in front of peds or even slow down while crossing the intersection at all.

    One more thing.... Ped Wanted option might need some adjusting.... right now, it seem that Wanted radius might be a bit too big... most of the targeted peds are well out of my sight. I would prefer that cops near me target the closest ped if possible. My suggestion would be that adding Wanted to a ped within a given radius of your player character. Perhaps at least up to 10 or whatever units of measurement used here (by 10, I mean the 10 units used as one of the range options in Force Field mod by mikeatlantis [can be found on this site] .... I assume that would be 10 meters but not sure) from where your player character is.

    I mean, I want cops standing in front of Mission Row police station to target civilian peds inside the lobby or something like that lol

    By the way, when you mentioned Peds Wanted option as a possible new option about a month ago, I actually thought it would involve you setting the ped target but that is OK. This approach also works, too. lol

    February 05, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    @Art of Simulation An update to my comment above: I should advise that the chances of civilian peds "accidentally" hitting the cops on streets with their cars, while All Drivers in Hurry is activated, is actually better; it just depends on circumstances. I noticed that cars would slow down at the intersection while turning to another street or just crossing. It is especially faster than normal in the sections of road away from intersections, so much that some cars actually crashed into another car.

    Still, I'd like to see an option that is a variant of "All Drivers in Hurry" where drivers would *not* stop in front of peds but it is not vital. Alternatively, consider adding a sub-menu for "All Drivers in Hurry" that modifies its behavior, though, that might not be worth adding unless there are other modifiers that anyone can suggest.

    January 24, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    @Art of Simulation Awesome! I like the Ped Wanted. Thank you!

    Also, another note on All Drivers in Hurry... the drivers will actually stop for the peds that walked across the road. So chances of them "accidentally" hitting the cops that just happen to be nearby is pretty low. :P So I'd suggest another option that is variant of this but without drivers actually stopping for the peds if that is even possible to implement.

    Again, thanks a lot for the Ped Wanted option! I love it. By the way, I'm giving your mod 5-star rating. You're welcome! Good job on the mod and keep it up! *thumbs up*

    January 21, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    As a great lover of palm trees, I was very pleased to see a mod like this. Thank you for making this mod.

    January 12, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    My apologies if I might seem to be nitpicking here but isn't this technically a motel room? Rooms in hotel generally opens into an interior hallway while rooms in motels opens to outside. I actually thought this was in an actual hotel when I first saw this entry listed in a search result before clicking, hence the confusion here.

    January 12, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    @Art of Simulation OMG I wanted a mod like that, marking peds as wanted without need to be in LSPDFR mode (yes I play that mod... you guess it, playing a bad cop. ;P). I hope you eventually release that whenever you are willing and can. I am going to have fun with that haha

    January 10, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    Also, on a note unrelated to your mod, just a tip for the chaos fun: I suggest you try out the free-camera Spooner mode at Menyoo trainer. Go to Mission Row police station area, enable that mode (F11 key but can be reassigned in ini settings), then right-click an *occupied* car or, more preferably, a motorcycle nearby. Then move camera to cops nearby, then point the camera up in the air above the cop, and then click on the "Bring Entity to Self" (The Self being the camera pointer, not your character, in this mode). It may take a few tries but, eventually, that motorcycle will "accidentally" land on the cop. A shootout will then ensue. >:D Bahaha I prefer motorcycles, by the way, so to not kill the cop right away, as a car landing on them can.

    I've also had cops shooting at several other peds subsequently because they unwisely drove into the cops in panic immediately after that shootout. xD fun fun

    I've been experimenting a lot lately with mods and trainers, as I obviously had with Menyoo trainer. Another tip is to use Simple Native Trainer: with Never Wanted enabled, select cop as model for spawning ped, spawn a cop ped as enemy (O (not zero) + 8 hotkey by default), and then immediately dismiss that ped (O + 9 hotkey by default). That ped will then start shooting at random nearby peds. Nearby ambient/scenario cops will also shoot at some of those peds that the spawned cop is shooting at. LOL :D :D :D (make sure to not be in line of sight of enemy peds or they will start jerking around as though they are responding to your presence and you being Wanted, because that spawned cop still have you as enemy; speaking of which, do make sure that spawned cop remain near you to prevent it from de-spawning because it will de-spawn automatically at a distance after being dismissed)

    I'm naughty, I know. Haha I figured you might like to try out possibilities for instigating chaos. Hehe

    January 08, 2022
  • 552994 192px lord liverpool

    @Art of Simulation I can confirm that immediately selecting the Drivers in Hurry option first and only at the time had peds immediately armed with rifles. What was interesting, though, was that in several cases, some peds dropped not one but *three* rifles when killed. I even saw a rifle hanging in the air after a ped de-spawned.

    Regarding the peds running away with snowball equipped, yes, I kind of figured that would happen, considering my extensive modding experience, as I have witnessed that before. No idea how to resolve this but it is unfortunate. In any case, it is not essential but, like I said, would be funny.

    Regarding the ambulance not stopping after responding to a shootout, I can confirm that they do not stop even when the shootout had ceased. Yes, I am aware that they will flee if in the presence of an ongoing shootout. I would not have reported it otherwise if that was the case here. Regardless, a number of ambulances did passed by without stopping at all while responding when there is no active shootout in the area.

    I have not tried out the Riot Mode yet. Oh, I almost forgot but I would also suggest an ini setting to allow for configuring the hotkey to bring up the menu, since I already had assigned F10 to a trainer (had to reassign that trainer to F12). Not essential, though, but would be a convenient feature.

    Finally, I want to mention that, to my knowledge, there is not a chaos mod that have certain options such as All Drivers in Hurry. Actually, that is somewhat not true, but such effects in fact existed as timed effects in mods such as Chaos Mode V by Pongo1231 but I don't like waiting for such effects and felt like I have less control over them, to be honest. This is the first mod where I found something similar to All Drivers in Hurry that I wanted for first time. So I am really pleased with this mod.

    January 08, 2022