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    @Adamo589 Thank u for make this tasty mod, i just noticed that the only thing that didn't convince me was the blood on the player character and it was so easy to remove, so, it's perfect already. U have reason about the melee blood, may u can just take a specific texture and make them appear like they are injured but not covered in blood after a kick, punchs or hit with non sharped weapons like the golf stick and the baseball bat, but isnt necessary. it's a little thing beside of all this perfect gore mod

    April 22, 2020
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    @Adamo589 Your mod is almost perfect, i create an account just for tell u that i love your mod, and make 2 little question. There is a way to make a "blood mechanic" that when u hit'em with an a melee weapon or even only punch get him injuried like in Raider's Blood & Gore - Lite (only gore mod)?

    I have to clear out that i love the soaked blood in your mod, isn't too much, in Raider's Blood is too much and u cant clean out, even dying. thats one of the reasons that i preffer ur mod, also for the textures and the good execution of the mod.

    And may the player can avoid the gore texture from himself? i know that isn't "realistic" that the NPC can be wrecked like that and the player not but i just notice that when i finish an encounter my character looks like a ball o meat (in a good way)

    (edit: i just think too that u can may pick the sniper and heavy pistols to gore too)

    April 21, 2020