Blood, Gore and Decals 2.0


It's another Blood and Decals mod, changes blood and decals like scratches etc. So original...

There will be full description here in near future. Probably...
Who reads description anyway. Well, probably you right now...

-New blood, gore textures
-New decals textures

-Unpack the .oiv file somewhere
-Open the .oiv file with OpenIV's Package Installer

2.0.1 - Darkened blood splatter on peds to make it outstand from the blood

2.0 - New bullet wounds, blood splatter, blood soak textures
- Size/type of bullet wound/blood splatter on peds depends of weapons caliber
- Shotguns wounds looks finally like a proper shotgun wounds
1.4 - New bullet holes and blood splatters on peds/player
- Longer blood tiremarks
1.3 - Completely redone mod
- New name
1.2 - Changed bullet holes and blood on peds,
1.1 - Added missing texture
- Changed scratches texture, they aren't that cartoony now
1.0 - Initial release
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First Uploaded: November 01, 2019
Last Updated: December 08, 2019
Last Downloaded: 10 hours ago

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 2.0.1 (Blood splatter fix)

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December 08, 2019

 2.0 (current)

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December 06, 2019