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  • 0d0926 20200501 021234

    I love VisualV with all my heart - since the beginning. 😍 Thanks to the devs for making it SOOOOO sooooo great. A winner for sure! I'm totally happy all the way. Great fps and absolutely stunning graphics... THANK YOUUUU, THANK YOUUUU, THANK YOUUUU!!! 🤩

    January 18, 2022
  • 0d0926 20200501 021234

    Love this mod! Thank you so so mucho. All works fine, except for the "save outfit" option. There's an error showing up:
    "Unhandled exception in script SPOutfits.Main"
    Any idea why this is showing up? So, I'm unable to save and load any outfits. Also... After this error occured, the menu or the mod (by pressing "O") is no longer working. I have to restart the game...

    May 09, 2020
  • 0d0926 20200501 021234

    Love this mod so so much! Better looking weather effects, water, background sharpening, overall better looking environment coloring, etc. I even gained around 5 fps compared to Vanilla (Standard). So this is definitely a must have! Works 100% fine! THANK YOUUUU!!!

    April 30, 2020