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    @TheDivineSage Thanks ;)
    Do not hesitate if you have any remarks or suggestions for improvement.

    1 day ago
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    I just noticed that for version 1.5.0 the GTA5-Quadcopter.dll file is not in the same place as for the other versions. If you have installed v1.5.0 and are upgrading to 1.6.0, please first remove the GTA5-Quadcopter.dll file in the script folder and paste the content of the v1.6.0 in your game folder.

    3 days ago
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    New Version 1.6.0
    - added a teleportation menu for nice drone spots.
    - in drone physics added a menu for maximum speed
    - adjusted default physics
    You can delete your previous "Quadcopter.json" in script/quadcopter to get correct default value if you experience any problems

    v1.5.0 add a menu to create custom race with any kind of vehicle class.

    3 days ago
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    New version 1.4.0 is released.
    This new version mainly introduce missions to gameplay.
    There are some pursuit missions of various vehicles (car, boat, bike, motorcycle...)
    I also added urban rodeo to chase high speed vehicles.
    I adjusted the physics and the possibility of adjusting the throttle power in low, medium or high engine rpm.
    do not hesitate to give me feedback to improve the physics or the missions.

    8 days ago
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    @FIREHART100 any favorite weapons ? (https://gtahash.ru/weapons/)

    March 07, 2023
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    @Rytter yes the code will be available. I wanted to finished integrating all the functionality and the basic components. I just need to do a clean up and refactoring some parts and I'll make it available on github soon ;)

    March 07, 2023
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    @FIREHART100 yes it is planned ;)

    March 07, 2023
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    New version 1.2.0 :
    - added new drone Physics
    - added 5 physics presets slots
    - enhenced drone sounds
    - configurable keys for menu, start and stop flying from json settings file
    - New default keys :
    'G' => start flying
    'H' => stop flying
    'F9' => Quadcopter menu

    the new physics has more parameters to customize the behavior of the drone. It is now possible to define several settings to configure drones of different weight and power. You can also change the size of the propellers which will affect the thrust and lift of the drone (as well as the sound). You can for example create a powerful 5 inch freestyle drone or a 3 inch tinywhoop or even a 7 inch or more for more speed and lift. You can also touch the drag or gravity coefficients to adjust feelings.

    March 06, 2023
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    @63eg2 sorry no Idea why it doesnt work for you. On Next version i will set This Key as a configurable in the ini file.

    February 28, 2023