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    Download is having problems, getting an "about:blank" page result.

    March 03, 2017
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    @GanjaHouse Any chance of a comeback for the loose files version? My .rpf files are already heavily modded, and I'd rather not have to replace them & start fresh.

    March 03, 2017
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    @CaptainSugarFree Beauty, thanks for that. :) Now I'm going to have to get off my ass & make all else match as close as possible. I prolly should finish & release my Vangelico's overhaul while I'm at it too. ;)

    I'm guessing you checked out their site while you were at it. Pretty nice toys the Sheriff has down there for a relatively piss-poor county, eh? Asset forfeitures must be huge, but it has pretty much always been a major corridor for trafficking...

    July 08, 2016
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    @CaptainSugarFree: Nice job!

    I'm fairly certain that just about everyone here is mistaken. I did a bunch of research a while ago on the subject, and it seems much more likely that Imperial Valley (a.k.a Imperial County) is what Blaine County is modeled upon.

    Evidenced by:

    Alamo Sea is the Salton Sea.
    Sandy Shores correlates to Desert Shores Cali, with elements of Salton Sea Beach blended in.
    Paleto Bay is Bombay Beach mixed with El Centro, iirc.
    California State Prison, Centinela
    Plus, a military base to boot, not a perfect match of course, the Navy doesn't have Abrams, lol - NAF El Centro.
    Salvation Mountain is a nearly perfect representation in game.
    Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, & Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge

    Ofc there are others, but in the interest of tl;dr...

    I collated all the materials to do a proper overhaul of the area, including all LEO & service vehicles, but lost interest in 5 for a while (bored), never getting around to doing so. Well, that & the limitations of what can be done mod wise in the game with respect to replacing meshes, emmissive, & such... I still have everything though, and may do so still. Take a look, & see what you think.






    July 04, 2016
  • D4d509 54hglc

    Big pimp ;) Sweet job, as usual Ganja, thanks! :D

    November 10, 2015
  • D4d509 54hglc

    Noice! Well done :D

    November 10, 2015
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    @zQrba <3 Many thanks for the wheels. I have a request, although I haven't found a model for you yet, I would love to see a set of Volk Racing CE28N make an appearance if you can kind sir. I love you long time! :D

    These: http://www.wheelplususa.com/images/wheel_image/medium/1402090385/Volk_Racing_CE28_Bronze.jpg

    November 09, 2015
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    Dookie, cuz dis the shit! ;) Thnx f' the Roc, RAIDa

    November 07, 2015
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    @stefan_menjac Yup, no problem. Glad to help. :) Just ignore that first photo's backdrop, but Vangelico's is about to have a radical makeover released for it... :D

    Unfortunately, the awning is not going to have the new color on the top, but there's nothing anyone can do about that right now. The base color is hard coded into the model itself, and on most of the buildings around the block, they use the same translucent awning file. :/

    November 07, 2015
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    @stefan_menjac Nice job, thanks for the Fucus. :D To show my appreciation, here's some good quality screen caps for you to use here. You'll want to resize them, as I'm in a hurry & don't have time, 720p is best for this site w/ .png files. ;)


    November 07, 2015