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  • E47b85 coffee

    @coremax2016 Thank you kindly 😎

    September 22, 2022
  • E47b85 coffee

    @MissingRocco123 My previous packs were removed in order for their design to be reused (and updated) in upcoming new Heists for Heists DLC 😎

    They were simply too outdated compared to Heists DLC and I didn't want people to play something vastly inferior compared to what I can do now.

    August 25, 2022
  • E47b85 coffee

    I played through the entire mission pack and I'm pleasantly surprised to see how much effort has been put into it. Considering this is just the 1.0 Release and while the missions are definitely worth a playthrough, there's still room for improvement so I'll list what I think of the mission pack in Pros and Cons.


    - 30 Missions is no small fry. These definitely took some time to develop and you can tell Fazer was passionate about it.

    - Missions are fairly varied with various locations, character dialogue and a standard "GTA Online-ish" storyline.

    - "Most" of the missions are fairly balanced in terms of combat. Hell, some were STANDOUTS and I enjoyed them a lot, to the point where I might reuse that design in an upcoming Heist for my "Heists DLC".

    - Some missions pay homage to GTA Online and some are straight up recreations of GTA Online Heists.

    - Almost all the missions make great usage of Mission Maker's features.

    - The Nightclub Heist has some interesting ideas thrown in the mix.

    - Overall, it's an enjoyable 2-4 hours experience that you get for free.


    - Great in it's main core, rough around the edges. While the missions work fine and I never encountered anything game-breaking, smaller details during missions are less refined. Most notably, character clothing usually clips in plain view and occasionally isn't mixed properly such as Michael wearing a Scuba Suit with Smart Shoes. Some missions lack a Preview Image too. Again, it's smaller details and they don't matter that much, I just couldn't help but notice them.

    - While I don't expect Mission Maker missions to have Dynamic Music, adding it IS possible and once the dev gets the gist of it, it's very easy to do so. These missions lack Dynamic Music and adding it will definitely make them feel significantly better, not to mention closer to "GTA Online".

    - A few missions, particularly some finales have too many enemies. While it is possible to go through them, you have to play the game at a snail's pace and keep taking pot shots at 10 dudes per second, making the game not that fun.

    Overall, despite a few cons, this is a great missions pack made by a passionate modder. Despite being a little limited by Mission Maker, the ideas thrown in the pack make the experience pretty enjoyable. I had a fun time playing through it.

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    August 21, 2022
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    @LG_tech You can install the mod and play it without those 2 mods, but Heists DLC uses it's own dynamic music during missions, and whenever you gain a wanted level or enter a helicopter, your dynamic music will break without those 2 mods.

    August 19, 2022
  • E47b85 coffee

    @SWOD I ran a few tests, these DEFINITELY have potential. Thanks for letting me know. The next update for Heists DLC will introduce dynamic mission music to EVERY mission in Heists DLC. I might also add a new smaller-scaled heist (with the size of The Fleeca Job II) as well with the update but the main focus will be the new dynamic music.

    Hopefully I won't break too much stuff adding in new objectives to the existing missions...

    August 14, 2022
  • E47b85 coffee

    @SWOD Hot daymn! I actually never knew that! I assumed the mod only pre-loaded the listed music assets!

    I edit objectives.txt a lot when it comes to ped outfits, but I guess I'll start doing that for music too! Do you have a list with the event music internal names?

    August 14, 2022
  • E47b85 coffee

    @SWOD So is the tracks list in Mission Maker, more than Score Controller. Letting those specific users choose their own music compared to forcing all of them to listen to the (very limited) Mission Maker tracks is a better choice, albeit not a perfect one.

    August 13, 2022
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    @TwinkyMods Mission Maker is the base mod that's required for both PLAYING and CREATING custom missions. It contains all the necessary custom scripts, .dll, .txt, etc etc etc files.

    All the missions are not start-able by roaming around the map, they have to be started from Mission Maker's list.

    April 24, 2022
  • E47b85 coffee

    @jewsluvcoins It is relatively hard. I've been using Mission Maker for more than a 1 year and "Heists DLC" is the only expansion pack that I'm actually happy with.

    You've got to have good understanding of fun level design and also knowing your limitations of the software.

    April 07, 2022
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    @CruelMasterMC It depends on how hard it is to actually program and implement said exits.

    Would I recommend more exits? Absolutely! Ideally, players should have a choice on where they'll enter and exit from, especially on the exit parts - similar to GTA Online. The problem with that is potentially having to add a whole heap of new enemies on the Hotel Floor of the Casino and a lot of new variables on "if player enters from here, spawn enemies here, if player enters from there, spawn enemies there" kinda thing.

    If making entry options proves too hard or complex, you can always at least introduce multiple options on the exits as all you'd need to do is add a batch of new enemies on the Hotel Floor to justify the rooftop exit and that's about it. I feel like the getaway part can be figured out by the players, just like how I did it. It adds a sense of "planning beforehand" and rewards creativity.

    When it comes to loot, you can already earn a little too much for Single Player, considering that most of the stuff in Single Player isn't as expensive as Online.

    I've also created my own missions (albeit more linear ones since I used Mission Maker) so I feel like I know a thing or two when it comes to fun level design. If you'd like to hear more specific feedback or go back n' forth in a conversation, you can always add me on Steam or Discord 😎

    March 16, 2022