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    mhhh...seems so...unfortunately

    November 10, 2017
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    Hey there...
    can anyone please tell me where to install this mod? The only explanation give in the readme.txt is: install both, the physics and the weapon oiv.
    The Package Installer asks where to install, either "mods" folder or "general" folder. I decided to install in the mods folder and after a few seconds the Package Installer informed me that the installation was successful and I shall start the game to see what I just got. But actually I got nothing...people and cars behaving still the same when being shooted.
    Thanks for any advices...

    October 24, 2017
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    Sorry for maybe talking bullshit...I started playing GTA V just 2 weeks ago (:
    But: either the speedometer is not properly "calibrated" or the ratio of all units in general was programmed wrong by Rockstar. Already the first picture shows that the speed of this jet is allegedly only 236 km/h, which is the max speed - as I´ve tested myself - and that´s simply not true. The same with the cars: the bugatti chiron makes without any tuning only ~ 240 km/h on the long road (Los Santos Freeway to Senora Freeway) - at night, only very low traffic - which is much to low but by the way even more than this military jet!? In reality I drive a BMW 760i which is not comparable at all to the Chiron but even my car reaches a higher speed on a distance of ~5 km.
    But as I said, I´m still a GTA-noob and possibly I take these trivialities to serious (:
    Generally I like this digital speedometer very much...

    October 23, 2017