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    This looks interesting. If you want, I could look into converting it to a ymap. Since there aren't many objects, I could possibly do it by hand. I know how to make ymaps start off disabled. You would still use Menyoo to enable the map by enabling the IPL, but you will have done it correctly. Not to mention that proper reflections are a possibility.

    26 minutes ago
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    @MrVicho13 I hope that these tools become public soon. That way we can get more maps on here like this one.

    4 days ago
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    @MrVicho13 No problem. :)

    But I am wondering, did you use the tool that converts Five Reborn maps over to ymap/ytyp? Do you have any other maps on the way? Maybe even the conversion of your older maps to be DLC?

    4 days ago
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    @CamxxCore V1.06 doesn't load the settings correctly.

    I can tell it is loading the settings file because the sliders in the pause menu stay changed. However, I have to readjust them individually in order for it to take effect.

    4 days ago
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    @MAFINS I noticed that when I use the Spooner while my character is in a vehicle, if I press Y on the controller to access the menu, he exits the vehicle. This didn't happen before. Could you fix this?

    4 days ago
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    @MrVicho13 I have successfully figured out how to make custom maps that can be toggled.

    I have modified files for this map. The Hyrule map is disabled when the game starts up, and it can be toggled with a trainer.

    In the castle.ymap change these values at the top of the file.
    <flags value="1"/>
    <contentFlags value="65"/>

    In the mainifest.ymf, you need to add data to the Map Data field so it looks like this.
    <HoursOnOff value="0"/>

    I am not sure if this is necissary, but I think that it is possible that it is.
    For all of the entities in castle.ymap, change the flags value. Instead of the value being 384, it will look like this.
    <flags value="1572872"/>

    4 days ago
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    @MrVicho13 Well, I am able to load and unload this map with Menyoo, however the collisions still remain.

    Hopefully someone figures out how to configure a map to be an "on demand" map like North Yankton. The disabled value won't do the trick I am afraid considering the aircraft carrier has this set to false.

    I am sure it is possible. That way I can write my Travel script so we can load and unload these maps on the fly, and in a creative and immersive way. With that, there won't even be any worries if two maps take up the same space, or if someone makes a snowy tundra map which wouldn't fit anywhere near Los Santos.

    6 days ago
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    @MrVicho13 I also have another good idea. If you want, you can make the boosters functional. You could place the boosters from the Cunning Stunts update there, but put them under the map slightly so you don't see them, but still get the speed boost effect.

    Also, is there any chance the tool you used could become public? There are plenty of FiveReborn maps that would be great as DLC.

    7 days ago
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    @MrVicho13 Sounds good. Let me know how it goes.

    8 days ago
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    @MrVicho13 It looks very neat.

    I have one quick question. Since this is the type of map that isn't island biased, (sorta like how North Yankton floats in the air), would it be at all possible to make it a IPL that can be enabled/disabled like North Yankton?

    So, in Menyoo, you can load/unload IPL's via Spooner files like North Yankton, or the Aircraft Carrier. Can the same be done here so the map is disabled by default? We enable it with a script, which then loads the ymap?

    If this can be done, I am interested in writing a script for maps that are supposed to conceptually be land locked. I will have a marker at the airport where you go there, and open up a flight menu. You can choose between land locked locations to fly to. This can range from North Yankton to other map mods. It will have a config file too for each location. Where the exit is, which IPL's to load when the player is there, and maybe even whether or not it is a snowy environment. Think of it as a fancied up version of the North Yankton mod that is able to work for other land locked maps (or even non landlocked maps). It would be a cool way to avoid having floating land masses over the oceans when you aren't at the map, but access the map seeing it only from the right angles.

    8 days ago