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    @ReverseFlashJN Please join our Discord to report the crash. I don't think I've ever seen a script crash from refilling the DeLorean. The only bug I'm aware of is if you use Enhanced Native Trainer, your character will run away. But I don't think that actually crashes the script when it happens.

    March 10, 2023
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    @Baileyground6104 We do not know. None of us updated anything. We are wondering if it's a bug with the 5mods website reporting an update even though no one uploaded one.

    February 21, 2023
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    @DOOM11 For the current version of GTAV you'll need a gameconfig, such as limitless or pnwparksfan. If you know how to install a custom gameconfig, do that. If not, feel free to join the BTTFV Discord, where we offer an automated installer that will do everything for you.

    February 17, 2023
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    @shadowgamer2003 Map mods triggered by DateTime is currently not possible nor planned. We don't have anyone in the dev team who can do map mods, so even if it were possible from a scripting perspective, it's not possible since we have no assets to use.

    @BewaretheRabbit You installed some other shitty mod made by an idiot that overwrote your dlclist.xml file rather than updating it like a proper mod is supposed to do. If you're very lucky, then just adding dlcpacks:/bttf/ to your dlclist.xml file will solve your problem. If you're unlucky then the garbage mod you installed replaced your dlclist.xml file with an ancient version and you're screwed. Time to copy update.rpf from your update folder into your mods\update folder, then reinstall BTTFV.

    February 13, 2023
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    @Tillu676 Either whatever that mod is is causing a conflict that crashes BTTFV/FusionLibrary, or you're playing on a potato and are encountering what we call the "playing on a potato crash." Only way to know is to look at your ScriptHookVDotNet.log file after you summon a time machine to find out.

    Please join the BTTFV Discord so you can share your crash log and we can help you further.

    February 03, 2023
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    @gtavjamal No offense or anything taken. There are actually a lot of inaccuracies in the DeLorean model we're aware of. Some of them will be fixed for the next release, some will take longer to fix due to requiring major changes to the model to resolve. Please look forward to the next release, and thank you for enjoying BTTFV!

    January 08, 2023
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    @shifuguru It is not compatible with any trainer functions that alter in-game time or weather. Please disable these functions to prevent conflicts with BTTFV's systems. Alternatively you can disable "Real Time" in BTTFV's settings if you want to use a Trainer's version instead, but note that if you do this you will miss out on a lot of BTTFV's features that rely on Real Time being enabled.

    NVE has not been tested.

    January 08, 2023
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    @gtavjamal Oh, no, freeze time is literally the ice on the DeLorean. It has nothing to do with the engine stalling. Engine stalling is random. The engine stalling is actually pretty much identical between the old and new version, with the exception that we try not to do it if you're using the DeLorean in RC mode.

    Using mods or trainers that mess with time is not supported at all with BTTFV (because we control time directly). What was likely happening was you were experiencing a combination of a conflict between Real Time and Menyoo, coupled with the new Weather Handler (which wasn't present in 2.2.4).

    Okay, so that pretty much explains everything. I still am very glad you enjoy the mod, and hopefully when the next version comes out you can find a way to make it work on your install without conflicts. Peace!

    January 07, 2023
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    @gtavjamal I'm not sure I follow. I use Menyoo while testing and have never had a conflict (though Time Paradox does conflict with Addon Peds in 2.3.0~2.3.2, this will be fixed for the next release). Could you please be more specific? Tuning options sounds like an issue with VehicleReplica, which is also resolved in the next version, but again if you could be a little more specific about how to trigger that bug it would be very helpful.

    Freeze time in 2.2.4 was 3 full minutes. For 2.3.2 it's 90 seconds, which is half that time. Additonally, there is a second parameter invisible to the user that refers to time travel cooldown. This second parameter is linked to freeze time for the next release, which is part of why the time was reduced to 90 seconds.

    Having -no- freeze time should not be possible unless you used the Photo Menu. If you had no freeze time without using the photo menu, I would be very interested in knowing how you did that so that it can be fixed before the next release.

    Thank you!

    January 06, 2023
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    @kategee1980 In the mod description right here on 5mods is a link to join our Discord server. If you click that, it will send you there. Alternatively, if you open the OIV in OpenIV's package installer and click where it says "BTTFV Team," it will take you to our Discord server. Finally, here on the mod page under where it says "BTTFV Team" are four little clickable items for our social media. The fourth is our Discord server, and clicking that will take you there.

    December 13, 2022