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  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @AlphaTangoCharlie En ninguna parte de ambos enlaces pone que se pueda resubir el mod editado si se etiqueta al creador... de todas formas, como el autor dejó el vehículo desbloqueado por ésta vez lo voy a dejar tal y como está.

    Eso sí, no vuelvas a subir un mod de otra persona tal y como hiciste con este (editándolo o como sea) si no obtienes permiso del autor principal.

    2 hours ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @AlphaTangoCharlie @Just_Riko @Bet_ A ver:
    1.- Tanto el link de GTA5-Mods que Just_Riko ha publicado como el que ha publicado AlphaTangoCharlie parecen el mismo vehículo. No me he puesto a mirar los polys y texturas, pero a simple vista son casi idénticos.
    2.- Se necesita de permiso expreso del autor/es original/es para volver a subir algo que YA EXISTE, ya sea en esta u otra web. @AlphaTangoCharlie tienes dicho permiso? Si es que no, se eliminará ésta publicación y la próxima vez que lo hagas serás baneado. Si es que sí enséñame el permiso, y yo debería poder corroborar que efectivamente venga del autor original.

    3 hours ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    Comments section closed until it gets updated.

    1 day ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    Comments locked until a new update comes.

    2 days ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @coool666 Just tried your Add-On and it works fine on my game. You're using the Wipers mod? If yes, probably it's overwritting your Add-On and that's why you're seeing vanilla vehicles yet.

    2 days ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @Bran_ Sadly Add-On sounds are not a real thing yet. The game uses the vanilla x64 folder to load the sounds. Probably in the future Add-On sounds could work, but no one tried it yet.

    2 days ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @Reza724 said:

    "Not useful
    Having multiple addon dlcs is a lot better that one. Thakns to the latest rockstar update, its possible to have more that 5 or 6(the old limit) added dlc packs so no problem there
    If you make just one mistake in one of the texts, you have to go through it all over with all the lines added to this one single dlc pack
    So its not efficent and sure af, NOT more organized"

    I say:
    If you can't control how many vehicles you add to an Add-On and your game crashes, is not the problem of this tool, it's only yours. Most of the people will tell you that Add-On Packs are the best if you ask anyone, including me that I have 3 with more than 200 vehicles in total.

    With single Add-Ons you'll only get problems in the future, never recommended. My way (and the most used worldwide) IS efficient and organized, you just need to know what you're doing.

    About your IDs problem, is not related to this upload, it's related to a game limit. "Unknown Modder" knows about this, you can ask him.

    As I've said, are not problems of this tool. You should be able to create your custom Add-On using this base. If you're not then use a different way to do it, but this is the simplest one.

    2 days ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    Trains variety with LODs and being lore-friendly? Totally unexpected but love it <3

    4 days ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @christ @meimeiriver No one can say that "he stopped modding" if there's not an official statement, that's why I said "fake news about the mod/author". Also, I think that he took a rest to do other things and is not focusing on modding only, since sometimes I can see him online on his own Discord server.

    On such Discord server, his last comment was the November 24th and said "If i quited, you won't be hear me again".

    5 days ago
  • 3f2cfe wallhaven 330844

    @Quakex64 Then ignore such mods. A lot of people keep their opinions for themselves because, even if they don't like such mods, we respect who makes them for other people that may like them. Is better to avoid them than putting useless comments like your first one here.

    7 days ago