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    @nm710 no problem bro! BTW, I thought of a new power that would be awesome. You know the thunder clap thats part of the hulk mod? Imagine doing that to police while flying or floating in the air! Awesome,right?

    May 21, 2018
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    @CE15 although I wouldn't say I don't like Julio's mods, I 100% agree with everything else you said. That issue is the reason I don't really play with them anymore beside creating enemies/Ally's for me to fight/play with. Sigh,.....if only they were more like nm710's mods.....anywho, @nm710, sorry I have not had a chance to chat much but there's been alotta crap going on but awesome update dude!!!! Every time I do a black hole, all I can see or think of is chibaku tensei!!!!!!(naruto reference if you missed it) lol, but I have perfect harmony with this mod now. I have this, plus like 110 additional scripts, 120+ add-on peds, lua files, asi files, space mod and many map mods,ect. and I don't have one single error or conflict. I have watched this mod develop from when we only had like 3-4 powers and now look at us!!!!!!! All thanks to you Mr nm710. You sir, deserve a beer or at least a donation page. Thank you sir for all that you do and I look forward to seeing the awesomeness that you have planned for us in the future!!!! Stellar job once again bro!!!!! Seriously though, about that donation page......;)

    May 19, 2018
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    Awesome mod bro!

    April 15, 2018
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    @ lishren yeah I had the same problem and I couldn't select most of my powers so I did some soul-searching and figured it out. These are my display settings now- screen type- windowed borderless
    Resolution - 1280 X 768
    Aspect ratio- 5:3
    Fxaa - off
    Msaa - off
    Texture -norm
    Reflection - high
    Reflection msaa -off
    Soft shadows-sharp
    Post fx - normal
    Anisotropic filtering -off
    Ambient occlusion -off
    Tessellation - off
    Changed my display setting to this and I haven't had a problem since. It's about your mouse cursor

    April 09, 2018
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    @nm710 everything works well for me except my arrow doesn't go all the way around the power wheel so I can't easily use all my powers....

    April 04, 2018
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    @nm710 actually I use both the controller and joytokey for mapping keyboard keys to my controller and I'm on 1.180. I also have about 90 something scripts installed including gta space, Thor, quicksilver, wolverine, ect and I have some map mods like liberty city, vice city, San fierio, Mario Kart land, red dead, ect

    April 03, 2018
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    @nm710 awesome update thank you so much bro every thing is OK I just have one issue. The power wheel only let's me select one of the top left 3 powers(ie. Black hole, fireball, and nuke) , but not the others as in I can't get my little cusor to go to the other side where I see the take guns power is so I can't use it...... Also I miss the auto stop feature in the old flying mode whereas the instant I stop pressing forward, the character stops. And finally, one of the main things I wanted to ask about is can we have an option to enable/disable controller support? But I've been playing with the mod now for like 3-4 hrs and I haven't had a crash yet. Awesome job on the update!!!!

    April 02, 2018
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    @beerminator1 ikr?! I've been slapping the shit outta the police with...... Well... Everything!!!! Lol dumpsters, cars, light pole, hell even some of those trailers by the airport! The only thing I don't get is why this mod, as awesome as it is, only has, like, 10 likes but it's got 400 and something downloads. This mod deserves much more recognition than its currently getting. But, best update yet bro!!! If I had a credit card or something, I would definitely be sending a 6 pack your way! Thanks again!

    March 26, 2018
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    Thanks dude that'd be sweet

    March 25, 2018
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    Awesome update bro! Do you think in a future update you can add the ability to move objects as well? I'd love to pop a ped with a dumpster lol. Nevertheless, great update!😀😀

    March 25, 2018