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    These rims will make you cum in 0.00001 second

    1 day ago
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    @Suzerain001 @Nwaps have you tried removing other dlcpacks from the list, while keeping this one? The pack itself cannot be causing a crash, I hope that is obvious; so yours is most likely a case of the game exceeding some engine limitation when too many mods are added. Usually, these limitations are to be increased with gameconfigs and adjuster scripts that I've listed.
    If my mod would work without other packs, you could try a different gameconfig (as far as I know, F7Y0's isn't the best possible). I personally use World Of Variety and its gameconfig, works just fine. If your game shows you some error window, please tell me its code (in the error window header).

    @GamngNerdLeith no

    2 days ago
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    @Scooby271 yeah, I think DW may have an old version of this pack included. I knew it would cause problems reeee

    3 days ago
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    @Suzerain001 no, as it is said in the description of this mod (which I highly recommend you to read) - you don't need 11john11's pack for this one to work. It is only extended by the content, they are completely independent from each other.

    @Captain Bean to improve performance, high quality liveries only load if your Textures Quality is set on High or Very High in game settings.

    @GamngNerdLeith I hope it won't be merged with DW, would be a pain to maintain.

    @Scooby271 do you still have the old version of my pack, by a chance? Bike siren was used for retro vehicles in it, and if there are some remnants of the old version then it might overlap.
    Cargens are unlikely to come, since I've covered all places that I want these vehicles to spawn at with scenarios.

    Thanks for all other comments, I appreciate the feedback <3

    3 days ago
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    @Monkeypolice188 wouldn't have been possible without you :pepehug:

    4 days ago
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    Pinned Comment

    2.0 Changes log

    DLS Configs are coming soon, whenever I have time to make them.

    New vehicle: Vapid Scout w/ Arjent lightbar, saved from 11john11's LSSD pack. Model name: sheriffscoutold
    New vehicle: Light Sparrow helicopter, Model name: sheriffsparrow

    New vehicle: Seach & Rescue Truck. Model name: sheriffsar
    Features openable compartments, unlike all other similar released models.

    New vehicle: Vapid Contender. Model name: sheriffcont
    Features off-road prepared equipment for patrolling areas where no other vehicles can reach.

    New vehicle: Unmarked Vapid Scout. Model name: sheriffscout2
    - Unique dual siren with Rumbler tones
    - A single-person partition, safe and welcoming place for mental evaluation.

    Edit your LSPDFR / Ultimate Backup configs!
    Vehicle models names changed in 2.0:
    - sherifft ---> sheriffvanold
    - sheriffb2 ---> sheriffenduro
    - sheriffinterceptor ---> sheriffintc
    - sherifftraffic ---> sheriffslick
    - sheriffriata ---> sheriffriataold
    - sheriffalamo2 ---> sheriffalamoold
    - sheriffsandking ---> sheriffheavy
    - sheriffgauntlet ---> sheriffghost
    - sheriffbuz ---> sheriffbuzzard
    - sheriffold2 ---> sheriffold3
    - sheriffold3 ---> sheriffold2
    - sheriffold4 ---> sheriffretro

    This update is a complete overhaul of <b>everything</b> in the pack, starting from the models and equipment to vehicle and sound configs. Too many changes to list here in details, please download and compare the versions yourself c:

    4 days ago
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    I like this mod a lot, especially the new feel you gave to AK-type rifles. The first impression about these was "wow, this feels like ArmA", lol, recoil is just spot on.

    7 days ago
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    Oh wow, a German oldtimer. One of my favorite bikes

    8 days ago
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    The model could really use a bit more loops on curved pieces

    April 05, 2021
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    @Jdog Mods I can share templates if needed, however only after the next update is released - it's almost there and is too big of a change. Civ versions of what? Almost all vehicles in this pack have civilian counterparts either in the base game or released by other creators here on 5mods.

    April 01, 2021