1996 Vapid Stanier - LSPD [Replace] 1.0


"If you took a cab or got arrested in the 1990s, there's a high chance you ended up in the back of a Vapid Stanier. First generation models were discontinued following widespread reports of fuel tanks exploding on impact in rear-end collisions. So try to avoid that..."

A lore inspired parody of the 1996 model of the infamous Ford Crown Victoria P71 used by the LAPD throughout the later end of the 90's and into the early 2000's.

* Lore friendly LSPD design (optional texture for the vanilla style door decal is included)
* 9 different liveries with roof codes
* A light bar that loosely resembles the real LAPD issue Areodynics, but keeps to the GTA V style
* Model improvements and details to resemble that of the P71 model of Ford Crown Vics used at the time
* Rear directional traffic advisor stick mapped vehicle extra
* Radio antenna with actual wobble physics! :D
* Two types of wheel style to choose from: traditional police hubcaps, or fancy ass shiny wheels :P
* Carcols file for some sweet looking emergency lights, with working traffic advisor stick lights too!

Replaces the regular "police" cruiser slot, non-ELS, so it fits into the base game nicely. Perfect for those who are looking for a retro/90's feel to the game!
I'd also recommend using this alongside my 1995 LSPD Declasse Premier mod, just to add to that old school feel some more :)

Installation instructions in the Readme file provided.

------ Credits ------
Allot of this mod made was made possible by using resources from these guys, so huge thanks to them, and I suggest you go check out their awesome

Rockstar Games - Original Vapid Stanier car model and parts

_CP_, IVPack Team - Conversion to GTA V

Lundy - LSPD Squads variation

11John11 - V style Areodynic light bar (with edits by myself)

Netman - Parts of Carcols siren settings (edited by myself to have the working arrow stick lights)

Glennoconnell - P71 style hub-cap wheels

If I have missed out anyone, please let me now, and Ill add them in :)

Like most of the mentioned modders above, I have left this mod unlocked for anyone to use. Just please provided proper credit to myself and the
original aforementioned authors!

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