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Street racing is forbidden in Los Santos? Who cares? Neons and flashy paints are not trendy anymore? Who cares? If your brain is stuck in 2010, we can't do anything for you but we heard that Zaibatsu Corporation imported one of the best Street Racer car : the old-new boosted ZR. So grab your balls and get in if you are crazy enought to crash on a wall. Of course they forgot to import the brakes, but who cares? Time for drifting beachies!

Annis Requiem ZR

fifth mod by team Ydrop
main work player 2
somes parts by player 1
somes livery by player 3

install in read me

- requemzr1 (lhd)
- requiemzr3 (rhd)

This car is BASED on the ZR380, but it's not. it's a fully new car, in handling, shell, engines, everything is different from a ZR380 (fun fact, it actually shares the door shell with the vanilla one, that's all).

This mod contains 2 model, usdm and jdm. stock different spoiler are in the modkit of each other.
you can find it in sport categorie

a resemblance to real vehicles shouldn't be accidental

1.0 : release

2.0 : massiv update

- see below it's long.

2.0 hotfix :
- fixed the turning light not breaking
- fixed a possible conflit with some mod who change the race dial script texture (why ??)
- added template in the archive
- added alternative vehicle.meta with vanilla backfire
- added a bonus texture for vehshare to improve the titanuim textures on exhaust

the full changelog (or maybe i forget things, it's more than 1 year of work here) :
- full new light textures :
- added lot of front tuning light option (and deleted one useless)
- with turn signal are not longer exclusive to rhd version, they are extra on both
- smoked front turn signal are added in extra
- turn signal option are added
- rear light now got option as well

- full new interrior texture :
- some bit's are now paintable as stock (old tuning part for that have been deleted)
- rework of some 3d part of the interior (gear lever, central panel for exemple)
- new advanced dials on stock model
- a single one advanced dial tuning option. all the other option are removed (not needed anymore)

- full model re structure, and some edits :
- changed exhaust model
- custom burn map so you can blow it up without fair of wrong looking
- deformation have been made on model and in meta, the car is not longer rigid
- panels gapes have been remade, not longer 3d ther are now simple dark marks (as on R* lastest car) - tuning part share the update ofc
- normals have been redone all over the cars it's now way more smooth
- engine have been redone from scratch using R* assets and Ydrop lastest assets it's now realy fully animated without tuning option
- ytd size have been reduced and some texture used by only one tuning part are now included in the tunings part themself
- windows and their trims now matching with Vanillawork zr380 (wich it's supposed to be a rare/limited edition based on it)
- updated all the carbon on car and tuning part to R* lastest texture
- added a lot of details on the car (wipper, engine bay parts for exemple)
- lods have been completly redone and are now correct (it was just a mess on previous version)
- working fans have been added on the engine radiator (they will behave strangly if you hit the car to much on the front, be carefull)
- new wheels
- a new sound have been done (based on tampa X but tweaked), more matching to the car
- custom flame for backfire (.meta option are avaliable if you dont like it and want vanilla flames) !dont work on fivem!
- new titanium texture (if you dont like it an option do delet it is inclued. if you like it a lot a texture is provided to instal in your game to edit all the cars at once)
- updated japanes licence plates with Ignoton lastest assets (now work without need specials plate numbers)

- tuning option have been reworked :
- some mirror tuning option are removed, news ones added
- added few new exhaust option and reworked some others
- some livery have been reworked, some realy odd one deleted and some new ones added
- tuning part layout have been totaly redone, some part mean to be used together are now combined, car structure have been totaly rework to match
- engine tuning part have been redone as well to match new engine
- seats tuning part are new, and better quality
- removed two not usefull rollcage
- to make room for some new tuning part some weird ones have been deleted in many categories (some spliters or spoilers for exemple) dont worry it was worth it
- fixed normal on all the tuning parts that realy needed it
- fixed widebody kit (there was some gapes with over fenders on some of them and also some other that was not matching with the bolt)
- added colorable bit on various tuning part

- names have been redone
- a lot of texture have been redone all over the car, some other have been merged

features :

- working dials, with all dash signal (paintable High end tuning option)
- full new interrior (paintable with High end tuning option)
- more than 250 tuning parts (255 in fact, as game limitation)
- livery support (carbon livery support too. but dont use pearlesent paint with it)
- LODS (even if it's useless to go more than L1 on this sort of parking car mods)
- dirt map is fine (a bit fucked on GT serie kit, but who will go off road with jgtc car ??)
- Breakable glass (but, dont do this. it's not fair.)
- working openable roof tuning option (if you got one applyed, play with rear door and rear windows)
- lot of small cool detail
- stock spoiler in extra on both
- colorable and shaking "car freshner" on interrior mirror is an extra
- animated engine tuning option
- lots of things.. really...
- Cool handling by Eddlm

enjoy, and remember to respect driving restriction in your country
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