Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo Racing Bobber v1.2

Original Model: Test Drive Unlimited 2
GTA 4 Convert: Mr.Poher
GTA 5 Convert, Edit, Optimize: Z@gor

----- INSTALLATION -----
1-) Download the latest OpenIV edition on openiv.com
2-) After setup and opening the program, there'll be a game selection screen. Select GTA V Windows version.
3-) On the next window select the folder in which there's GTA5.exe, and press continue
4-) Now you'll see game files. Click Edit Mode button above.
5-) 5-) Copy sovereign.yft, sovereign_hi.yft, sovereign.ytd and sovereign_hi.ytd files into update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

- All files have been rearranged for those friends who had crash problems.
- Speedometer edited
- Nitro settings edited

- Added Speedometer
- Lights problem was resolved
- Reflection effects and some textures were rearranged

- Initial Release
First Uploaded: September 03, 2015
Last Updated: September 04, 2015
Last Downloaded: 21 minutes ago

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  • Edce44 photo thumb 266171
    Pinned Comment

    Update 1.2 of the mod is ready. You need to have a clean install. Remove all vehicle mods you added to update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf, and reload the original files. Then set up this vehicle mod. If the problem continues, try spawning the vehicle using a different trainer. If you still have problems after trying these, I’m sorry but I don’t have any other solutions, unfortunately.

    September 04, 2015
  • 135070 onepiece

    i love that bike , thanks ;)

    October 09, 2015
  • 1c9929 images

    @Z@gor I can run this bike mod alone and it is awesome. But i was wondering did you ever get an answer from Oleg on why bike mods crash with memory error ? Just wondering because i can install several bike mods and be fine but once i pass by a car mod with a motorcycle mod i get a memory error crash ? Just trying to see if anyone found the reason or a fix to this issue. Otherwise installed alone no crash.

    November 04, 2015
  • 135070 onepiece

    @Z@gor can you fix the lods please , i gave the losts mc this bike but that don't look good with the bike disappearing in distance , thanks

    November 06, 2015
  • Default

    @Xenon Same thing, i can install any car mod but installing or altering the Bikes keeps giving errors...

    November 09, 2015
  • Default

    how do u get these on the xbox because when i put the flash drive in the xbox it says there is nothing on there... please help

    November 09, 2015
  • 6ad874 tumblr lxrkhwfnv11r9ehrio1 1280

    Perfect, please more Harleys!

    November 15, 2015
  • D8f58b jdm
    November 21, 2015
  • 6b0a2c b6b5872d472d031ebf04271946a62bed6253db55 full

    @Z@gor I have a personal request regarding your mod. Please contact me by e-mail through my profile page (homepage link is my e-mail adress).

    November 28, 2015
  • 6b0a2c b6b5872d472d031ebf04271946a62bed6253db55 full

    @Z@gor Can i include your work into a modpack?

    December 01, 2015
  • 6b0a2c b6b5872d472d031ebf04271946a62bed6253db55 full

    @Z@gor please leave a reply whatever it is, i must comunicate it to admin

    December 03, 2015
  • Default

    Crashed my game aswell. I spawn on vehicles mind you .. that might cause this error. I've seen it being mentioned on other mods.

    December 05, 2015
  • Default

    can you do a night eod for western bagger that will be awsome

    December 21, 2015
  • Default

    Сделайте пожалуйста качественную honda dio 34 и yamaha aerox

    December 21, 2015
  • Default

    Please make a high-quality honda dio 34 and yamaha aerox

    December 22, 2015
  • Default

    All harley mods crashing my game. I think R* have some problems w/ harley company lol :D

    January 31, 2016
  • Default

    @Z@gor Please do a harley davidson night rod special 2015 or 2016

    February 29, 2016
  • Heists2

    @Z@gor Please re-upload a version with the LOD fixed...If you look this bike from a small distance the textures are disappearing and Sovereign bike textures appear somehow...its a same because this is a fantastic motorcycle you made!! Please fix it!! If someone knows how to do it please post here !! Just in case the creator Zagor doesn't want to look at this issue...Thanks everyone!!

    May 03, 2016
  • 18f8ba snapchat 1172596626827835910

    It also crashes my game, like many other bike mods do, I have no idea why.

    May 18, 2016
  • Default

    It seems that GTA itself, perhaps the configs we use have issues with bikes because every bike mod I have tried has caused a crash. it looks good but we need some sort of a fix that doesn't involve totally redoing all our setups for a single replacement mod.

    September 15, 2016
  • Default

    Hello, are you able to make the Yamaha V-max 1700 !!! ??? I would make a donation for this !!! ;)
    my e-mail: plin-skin@hotmail.fr
    thank you very much !!!

    April 06, 2017
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