MRAP Crab 4x4 [Add-On] 1.0


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Please Consider this a Gift From, a Pakistani Person to People of France who play gta 5 & other country people too :) who play gta 5
S'il vous plaît Considérez ceci un cadeau de, une personne pakistanaise aux gens de France, qui jouent gta 5 et autres pays les gens trop :) qui jouent gta 5..

French Armored Vehicle: The Crab. Designed and Produced By Panhard [France], A mock-up of the CRAB was revealed in 2010 alongside the heavier 6x6 Panhard SPHINX armored reconnaissance vehicle. This new highly-mobile scout car is based on renewed light cavalry doctrine, where small, but fast and well armed armored vehicles taking an active combat role. The CRAB is intended for scouting and raiding missions.
Two of these scout cars can be airlifted by the C-130J Super Hercules and three by A400M military cargo aircraft.

In GTA 5
Watch the First Video under Screen shots for Full Features list.


Two Vehicle Models in DLC
1. Fully Armed Version.
2. Un Armed Version.
Six Different Liveries:
1. Army Khaki Painjob.
2. Army Green Paintjob.
3. Winter Camo.
4. Desert Camo.
5. Woodland Camo.
6. Unarmed Khaki Paintjob.
Custom Vehicle Weapons:
Press Tab or use Mouse wheel to,
switch between weapons

Twin Coaxial Machine Guns [Very High Range].
4 Missile Lauchers [Very High Range].
Missiles Fire Simultaneously with,
Miliseconds Delay.
360 Degrees horizontal Turret movement,
-10 to 30 degrees Barrel+Laucher Movement.
Custom FX and Animations of Weapons.
Four Wheel Drive [4WD].
All Wheels Steer/turn.
4 Doors + Boot.
No Hood or Bonnet.
Engine in the Rear.
Offroad Ability.
Mountain/Steep Climbing ability.
Increase Traction due to Fat Tyres.
Powerful Engine.
110 km/h Top Speed.
Custom Suspension Handling.
Visual Suspension Setting.
Right to Left Axel power Shift.
Heavy Armored Catagory.
Parking Sensors Activated.
Custom Camera positions.
Non Reflective Mate Paint
Antenna Move with Vehicle's momentum.
Doors open Vertically.
Dirt Mapped.
Burn Mapped.
Bullet Holes.
Metalic Scratches.
Targeting Pods Glow at night.
Digital Dials in Dashboard.
4 Monitor Screens plus custom interior.
Ballistic-Proof Glass [unbrakeable].
Puncture Proof Tyres [Wheels don't go Flat].
other features:
Near Perfect Collisions.
Scaled Properly according to Reallife.
Scaled Guardian for comparison.
Compelte Lods.

Note: please disable God mod. the tanks/turret vehicles in gta 5 glitch out/bug out with God mode turned on. [Invincibility turn it off.]

please read the pinned comment in the comment section on the right side of the page, for Add on installation or read it from rar file,There is no Replace version as, This vehicle uses My newly Created DLC weapons.

Future Updates: may include:
Bug Fixes please Report Bugs here.
Smoke Grenade Laucher as a third Weapon.
Vehicle layout new.
More liveries?
Different window tint?

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Mod Author : FoxtrotDelta
Converted to GTA5 by : FoxtrotDelta

Mod is strictly not to be sold.if you have suggestions please leave a comment. :). have fun!

Special thanks to admins and owners of www.gta5-mods.com they provided us with such a great platform to share awsome stuff! Cheers
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