"Whether you're a private security company, paramilitary force, rebel militia, radical insurgent, unhinged lottery winner, over-zealous neighborhood watch group, or just a military hobbyist with a worrying amount of disposable income, we've got you covered."
What do we do apart from arming the militias in the Middle East?
Sell military vehicles to civilians?
-Wrong answer

The Warstock weapons project, tries to give a fresh air to chaos and war, with a lot amount of weapons (not only American) you know the germans have good stuff, in case you want to feel like an operator or a vigilante, we have the tools you need, just take a look if you like you take them, just don't tell anyone about this please!

-----But let's see what there is-----

1)It has a wide variety of Scopes.
2)Weapons converted from some games (it was not an easy task)
3)Unfortunately most weapons dont have first person support, so if you try to play in the first person the sight will not be aligned correctly
4)Very well animated and no bugs (You see one let me know)
5)Some weapons are compatible with some vanilla game accessories,

---All right---

*Instructions inside the folder,but before I recommend installing this mod that will help make the installation much easier:


This is like installing any other weapon, don't worry, although I would like to make an OIV file later,and so sorry for my bad inglish

I only have a condition if you are going to make any skin for the weapons, pls make it to military camouflage well done, not those silly skins where you only add color or anime stickers aaah pls dont do it that or I'll take it down.

*So now all that remains is to say "Enjoy it" and if you liked it, pls give me 5 stars to continue updating the package with more weapons.

*And if you want a specific weapon, I have a paypal, you can contact me at Discord as White Specter and I could leave you a small package of weapons at a cheap price, donations are well received and I would be very grateful for it, in these difficult times. ..

thanx and enjoy it

V2 changelog:
--bizzon enhanced Spec Map
-Add beretta M9 Insurgency Sand Storm
-Add MP7
-Mk11 Mod/M110 enhanced Spec Map
-Add APS Rifle
-Add 1911 Insurgency Sand Storm
-Add Carryhandle Scope
-Add Re-do Ak12
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