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Please respect my work

About My "Better World Deluxe"

Better World Deluxe is a mega project where I will add props such as trees, Bench, Food stand, Dumpster, Phone booth, decoration combinations, and many more.
Not only added in some places but almost everywhere in GTA V

You can see "Better World Deluxe" the Exclusive version
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The comparison between "Better World" and "Better World Deluxe"
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1.if you make a video about this mod let me know in the comments and tag my name
(thank you this really helped me)
2.I made some cones in this mod unable to move/freeze (temporarily)
3.If you want to support me, even 1 Dollar can really help me!
(Or you can go directly to paypal via under my profile name)
4.Maybe someone interested with my "World Better Deluxe" and wanna support me, you can join my Patreon just 3 USD and also i always update new version and better props in there
Here My Patreon

If you want to see more of my Screenshot

-Mod description:
-This mod is an Addon Ymap and it's very easy to install and works really well
-This mod adds street lights, trees and more to the world of GTA V
-This mod combines several trees to be in the same place, and other props are also combined in one place for more variety
-Also this mod now add props like trees and decoration out side Los Santos too


More Trees, Street Lights and More in Mirror Park, Airport, Beach and More that you can explore on your own to discover

More than 8.000 props, that is exactly 8.330 props

I didn't find any bugs at this time. If you find it report it in the comments and tag my name

Read "Readme" text

I worked alone to make this mod, but thanks to My Patrons for supporting me!


- I added 431 Props You can see the Location and some place in my screenshot above.
The place inside the Yellow Marker is the place I've updated

Note: I didn't carelessly make the yellow mark, but I've calculated whether all
the props are in the Yellow Marker

- More Trees out side Los Santos and also Decoration, but I'm sure you won't notice
because there's not much
- We are close to the Sandy Shores update
- Now : 8.330 Props

- I added 659 Props out side Los Santos!! this time I combined several places at once.
You can see the Location and some place in my screenshot above. The place inside
the Yellow Marker is the place I've updated

Or you can Click Here
in that link I show all the places in this update, just swipe right and continue until you
find B.W 9.0 (B.W 9.0 is the code for this update)

This update is Lite Version of my Patreon, that means less trees (659)
You can see the comparison above, under the Better World Deluxe link.
If you interested with Full version, just check my Patreon.
- More Trees out side Los Santos
- It Was : 7.899 Props

7.0-8.0 ( Big Update )
- I added 1.740 props in Los Santos!! this time I'm spreading it, you can see it in the Richman area, Ballas Hood, Near the diamond Casino and many more places! You can find it yourself
- More Trees, Street Lights, and Others decoration
- Sorry I can't show the Screenshot because there are so many places I added props
- It Was : 7.240 Props

- More Trees around los santos I added 653 more props
- I have removed 112 trees in Mirror Park due to fps drop
- I see some place there is no tree so i put some trees you can see my screen shot
- More trees and others decoration like bus stop, phone booth and etc
- It was : 5.500 Props

5.0 ( Improvement in front of Michael & Franklin house )
- More Trees in front of Franklin house, At the Vespucci Beach park, At the Freeway
near the Vinewood track and some random location in Los Santos
- Improvement in front of Michael house
- More Street lights, bench, mailbox, cone, barrier, and many others in random location
in Los Santos
- I Added 621 more props
- It was : 4.959 Props

4.0 ( Vespucci Beach )
-Added 322 more Props in Vespucci Beach, like trees, beach equipment, street arcade game, and many others
-See my screenshot Here
-It was : 4.338 Props

3.0 ( Del Perro Pier )
-Added more 289 Props in Del Perro Pier, like trees, hotdog and burger stand, chair and
table, lights, Vending machine and others
-Reduce the darkness in Del Perro Pier
-It was : 4.016 Props

-Added 697 more Props in the New Area (Trees,Street Lights,Hydrant, Etc).
(See My screenshot link)
-Remove some props that cause glitch into the game
-It was : 3.727 Props

-(Release) 3.030 Props Around Los Santos
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First Uploaded: July 08, 2021
Last Updated: 20 hours ago
Last Downloaded: 2 minutes ago

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