Crazy Aquarium: Atlantis [BETA] 0.2


(Please give opinion/feedback it's important for the map update)
(Requir Map Editor AND Menyoo Trainer)
(fixed the dying fish bug, I hope ;P say me if you still encounter this bug)

The Atlantis Aquarium have open his door and is ready to welcome you in the wonderfull sea world.
Who never dream to live (sleep) with the fish

This map will add an AQUARIUM to Los Santos.
(It's still in Beta but pretty well advanced, i would like to get your opinion about the two part of aquarium and I've some correction to bring maybe a total rework)
Aquarium divided into 3 parts :
> One submerged by water but wich allow you to walk, use your weapon/phone, and have funny time (bug exploit) don't jump ;D
> An other that is not in water (except the pool) but where you will not see the water of the fish pool (bug)
> and the top of the building is the maintenance/staff room wich allow you to go into water (may need to untick/tick the box "dynamic" of the maintenance door by opening the map editor mode and selecting the door)

Since it's just a BETA it's going to evolve (idk wich part is better looking so waiting your opinion)

Also I would like to explain WHY ALMOST ALL ANIMAL HAVE STANGE BODY (except some and the hammerhead shark) :
> That simply cause there is only the hammerhead shark animation categorie for water animal so the other are buggy but funny xP

Installation :
> Step 1.) You need to have a working map editor :
  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

  • (If you can't get it to work don't come here to ask how but on map editor page, and I'll try to help you ;)
    You also need to use the " extendobjectlist" from map editor as objectlist (require O.S.U)

    > Step 2.) Object Spawn Unlocker : (it is included into the ZIP)
    > put it into the MAIN GTA FOLDER
    (this link will provide version 1.1 thaat not work for all that why i added the version 1.0 that should work fine into the zip ;)

    > Step 3.) Once you get all this stuff you'll have to put the map file " Atlantis.xml " into your Gta5 main folder/root (or autoloadmaps folder if you use it)

    > Step 4.) Instal " MENYOO trainer "

    >Step 5.) Put the Crazy Aquarium file into the folder " Spooner " of the folder Menyoo Stuff

    > Step 6.) Start the game,
    >Open Map editor and Load map " Atlantis " ;D (it will take some time depending from your config)
    (Do it first or fish will go away)
    > Once the map is loaded, open Menyoo, go to "object spooner " and "manage saved file", Select " Crazy Aquarium " and load placement

    You will find the entrance of the Aquarium At the airport near XERO build, or you can go to the aquarium faster by opening map editor mod and selecting first entity from "entity list" of map editor menu

    Don't hesitate to like ;) . If you encounter any trouble ask me !
    Give feedback and enjoy, please don't bad rate cause of the animation used, I'll use the correct one when it will be added to Object Spooner ;)

    Big thank to Guadmaz for his awsome Map Editor
    to GTA Multiplayer team for object Spawn Unlocker
    To Maffins for his cool Trainer !

    Tips : you can load mutliple time the menyoo file to get more fish but it will finish to crash over a certain amount (depending your config)

    You could like :
    Trilakes Town
    Mysterious Island
    Plant Invasion
    Jungle Biome
    Bridge over Alamo
    And some minor other ;)

    Possible bug :
    >random fish can spawn into the sumerged part
    > some fish can go trough the window (these fish have no colision)
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