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  • 969b83 alien

    @MorganRacing74 you're welcome ....I can be sarcastic too these it help ?
    If game crash at start it's mostly due to the fact you don't have a custom gameconfig ( i didn't try with the new update yet so idk wich gameconfig will work, search for gameconfig on the website and find one that have been updated after the last gta update.
    Also note that scripthook is not updated yet so you'll not be able to use these prop since spawner need scripthook to be up to date

    2 days ago
  • 969b83 alien

    @Cooldoggie1 this version of the mod was made with zmodeler since there was only this tool available when i start, but i'm reworking the package to make it work with ymap and be able to add more detail and correct colision.
    But it gonna take month before i get a decent amount of prop since it take much more time to build prop with gims than with zmodeler ;S
    @80gunz not sure what tree you're talking about but no i didn't made much tree with this version since it was made with zmodeler and miss a lot of material ( like the vegetal material ).
    However i'm reworking the mod with gims and will do tree, just show me a pict of the tree you're talking about or even better give me his emplacement in gamefile ;)
    @Dunkeulbock oui c'est " normal " xd enfait j'ai commencé ce mod alors que seul zmodeler permetait de faire des objects malheureusement celui ci était fais uniquement pour les vehicules et pasdu tout adapter au prop. Du coup beaucoup de bug sont présent.
    Mais je suis actuellement en train de refaire le package avec gims qui lui contient tout le nécessaire pour les props et enlevera tout les bugs en plus de permettre d'avoir des terrains plus détaillé et des colision adapté.
    Seul hic, cela prend beaucoup plus de temps qu'avec zmodeler et risque de me prendre plusieur mois de boulot avant d'avoir une quantité suffisante d'object mais ca vaudra le coup ;S

    7 days ago
  • 969b83 alien

    zancudo military base

    December 04, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @meimeiriver not really fun for us but if you find interest with invisible prop that cool then xD
    damn we spend a lot of time to build these prop with zmodeler (gims wasn't released yet), and ymap wasn't usabe yet so we didn't know it wasn't working with ymap , a lot of time wasted xD

    December 03, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @OmegaKingMods Well, as i said you , custom prop team accept anyone that wanna help. But since you are doing money/patreon on rockstar prop, and that you absolutly wanted to upload on your website it wasn't possible that we work together with this condition.
    But if everr you change your mind about that contact me

    December 03, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Cooldoggie1 have you any other addonprops mod installed ?

    November 24, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @meimeiriver yeah yeah i'll do a major update for this mod soon, but will not be usable in ymap ( due to skinn modifier cause of the fact they were made on zmodler before Gims was released)

    But i'll start an other package starting from 0 and that will only use gims prop, so usable in ymap ;) (but it will take a bit more time with optimisation and other stuff)

    November 16, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @TeknoEscobar hum not sure, i guess you probably don't get everything loaded. Load map editor map before menyoo one

    November 11, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Kalewero yeah, ether it meann they fail the instal, or, and it's a recurrrent problem , they've the other addonprops incompatibilty.
    I guess it's the incompatibilty ( mostly with map builder), but we gonna fix that

    November 06, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @SLY95ZER yeah me too, i've work hard to buy a good pc, still can understand that some people can't. All coutrny don't have the same level of life, some people are too young to work, some people have problem in real life that don't allow them to waste huge amount of money for a pc etc etc just open your mind and try to think to other

    November 05, 2017