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  • 969b83 alien

    @Domkom pretty cool map ;)

    @C10Frost @ShakeZone not as ez for him, when we build custom prop mod, gims wasn't released so we did it with zmodeler wich implique bug ( mostly colision), skinned prop, etc , the fact they're skinned made the ymap convert not working correctly ;S
    I'm now doing prop on gims so that work with ymap but gonna take much more time to get a good amount to share.

    October 09, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Modojo well idk yet, i've a lot other ready but they're mostly made with zmod wich implic bug and no optimmisation. I'm currently build some prop with Gims, but it gonna take time till i get a decent prop amount to share. ( with zmod i must be around 800 prop, while i only done 20 props with gims ( it take more time than with zmodeler but it also have no bug and more option)
    I'm working on other mods curently so no really time for that, but I pack all the new prop made and will share most of them a day ;P

    October 08, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @xander1998 well idk sorry, anyway i plan to redo it with custom model and will be in ymap but I don't get a lot of time curently, so probably this winter i hope

    October 08, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Derpy-Canadian ok, and why you reupload instead of sending him ?
    There isn't even a link to his profil or the mod page ...

    October 07, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Derpy-Canadian why did you reupload on your profile instead of send him the convertion ? .. did you at least explained him what he didn't understand ?

    October 05, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @ryanm2711 or learn him how to do, since that what he wanna do ?

    October 04, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @3Doomer nice tool bro , just the import/export isn't as good ( compare to zmodeler that allow to import/export directly in ydr or yft, with material/texture set up and loading external texture, and can export 1million poly object like in 30/40 sec ;S )

    Have you any idea why when I import an ydr (openformat) object with gims it load then when texture have to load, gims just crash. I can still use the object and set the material by restarting gims, but i've to set the material in a strange way, the first one will never be display on screen ( just glossy color),
    then i've to add a new material for each existing and set them one by one from start ( there aren't keeping the object existing material and settings so sometime i've to check in OpenIV what are the material used wich is pretty boring and make the edition slower)
    and to finish i've to select all face of first material and change their material to a new one in order it display.

    Also would be freaky great to add display for blend if that possible.
    And well, this limit for colision is a bit boring, i know its for stability but i've made some really high poly ( till 1million poly mountain) with zmodeler and well the export was really fast ( probably cause it export directly in ydr i guess ?) and the stability ig wasn't affected at all.
    I don't ask to remove it, but may set the limit to something like 50/100k. so we don't have to make always cut for something that is reasonable

    so well 4/5, cause yeah its better that zmodeler on a lot of side ( all material/ all colision type/ etc) but it s not as good on import/export (no ydr or yft, no material set as ig, long exporting time, colision limit too low, etc) and unfortunatly these thing can sometime make your awsome tool a bit boring to use ( time consume )
    Hope you keep working on it now we can eazyly do map/object and use ymap
    good luck ;)

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    October 04, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Southsde04 xd i know, i'll convert my maps when i'll have time

    October 04, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @SuperKaioken what about change fx to get like star wars blaster shot tracer xd ?

    October 02, 2017
  • 969b83 alien

    @Azorah well i'm curently buzy with my work and GTS project, if that to work with you, well, probably not now since i don't have enough free time. You can still join Gts discord and send me private message, anyway i plan to redo the prison but with real interior but idk when i'll have enough time for that :S
    @FinalFlame wow damn good video bro ;)

    September 21, 2017