Mysterious Island 0.9


This map add a "wild" mysterious Island in alamo sea.

Please give suggestion or feedback if you have any (the island can again be modified and will be so take part of the project ! ;)

The island is mapped at 90 %, A maze will lead you to the pyramid ! I let you find the different entrance of this maze. Be careful some little trap are place into the maze. You can also shoot some rock into the maze.
The entrance of the pyramid is hided into the maze, and it can be fast as it can take you a lot of time before you see it ;P

Right now it contain, a group that camp, cave where I've in mind to add a drug traffic, some cave entrance that lead to the maze, contain traps, enemy etc ;)
I wanted add some animals that could attack but the relationship is not working correctly so hey hey they'll just fear ;S

I've also in mind to make 2 or 3 version that will change the veg amount (one for lowend, midend and high end computer ;) so the current veg is clearly not definitiv.
That will permit to make this Island look like a real jungle for good config


1°) Get a working Map Editor :

Author: Guadmaz
(note if you can get the map editor to work, then ask for some help on the proper page not here, you'll have more and a better help on map editor page)

2°) Instal Object Spawn Unlocker 1.0 findable into the ZIP by putting it into your Gta Main folder
Author : GTA Multiplayer Team

3°) rename the "expendedobjectlist" from map editor ZIP to " Objectlist "
(it will replace the original one)

4°) Add the 10K list mod content to your " objectlist "
(simply past it into the list)

or simply use my objectlist

5°) place the xml file "myst" into your main Gta Folder

6°) Once ingame open your map editor (F7) and load the map from the dock showed into 2 picture (you can try from an other place but the loading can remove some element if you're too far)

7°) Enjoy ;)

Remember : this is not a full release, map is only done to 80% and the vegetation will be remade, also the Maze is not yet added, and ped can still change
If you've any FEEDBACK / SUGGESTION please give it and take part of my project ;)
If you've any problem, ask me ;)
Have fun !

Credits/thanks :
Guadmaz for his awsome map editor
Gta Multiplayer Team for the huge amount of object they added
K3niL for his 10K list
You if you give feedback/suggestion ;)

Changelog 0.9 : the maze is down, added some trap in it (fall, enemy, rock) added a funny scene into the pyramid (note that if you attack them with a fireweapon they'll run away), added some shark, added and removed some vegetation, change the cultist weapon to revolver.
Corrected a glitch from the loading process that made one of the entrance to the deal cave blocked.

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And some minor other ;)
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First Uploaded: January 29, 2016
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