Offshore Oil Facility


Offshore Oil Facility
Design by IamMistahWolf

Congratulations! You are now a prime investor, executive or employee of Infinity Group's fully operational 'Offshore Oil Facility!' Now that the bidding wars for drilling rights off the Northwest Coast of San Andreas near Paleto Bay are over, Infinity Group is welcoming new hires , middle-management and investors as Infinity Group safely pulls the last dredges...uh, considerable amount of the state's oil resources. Also Infinity Group is on the cutting edge of R&D for 'clean and sustainable energy resources and technology.'So while Infinity Group employees are hard at work 'making the oil flow' for the thirsty cars, trucks and airplanes keeping the state's economy rolling, Infinity Group is hard at work developing new and promising energy technology. This is the best time to come aboard to make a good living and help sustain and expand the state's 'economic power!'

Whether traveling by air or sea, Checking in is a breeze! If coming by sea, you'll land at the dock, climb the ladder and pass the Dive Locker, then take the stairs to the 'Secure Research Deck.' Don't get too nosey when checking in with the guards. You'll need 'clearance' to enter that part of the facility! Take the elevator up to the 'Common Deck' and you'll be directed to the Main Office. VIP's and employees with high clearance will come by air and land on the Common Deck Helipad. You will check-in at the Common Deck Guard Station before heading to the Main Office.

All employees and executives will find a good meal in the 'Dining Container'. Overnight workers and shift managers can grab some shut-eye in the 'Sleeping Container'or the 'Executive Room' in the Main Office's Trailer. Lastly, Overnight employees can take time to study or attend quick meetings in the 'Silver Trailer' and watch TV in the 'Common Break Room' inside the Main Office Trailer or in the Dining Container. Medical Services are available for emergencies for employees cleared for the Secured Research Deck only!

So whether you come to work as a Diver, Machinist, Med Tech, Cook, Pilot or any of the many other great job opportunities available, You'll start your 'journey' ashore at the Pelido Pennisula Dock. We look forward to you helping to enrich the company! Remember, a contract with Infinity Group...lasts forever!


Map Builder Discovery
Increased Props [Addon-Props]
No Boundary Limits*


Place the Offshore Oil Facility XML file into Menyoo's 'Spooner Folder'.

Known Bugs:



This is a hefty build, so expect a noticeable drop in framerates. It may be too much for underpowered computers so be advised. There is only one teleport and that is for the Main Office Trailer. Just walk up to it and you'll enter the facility. To 'turn on the lights' inside the Main Office Trailer, you'll need to turn on the lights for all the 'Panto' cars in the entity database. Or activate Spooner and go outside the interior, select each car and manually turn their lights on. Until somebody comes up with a way to get prop lights to stay on inside an MLO shell, this what we got. All other doors work.

The entire map is AI friendly. To have bodyguards follow you on dives, you can use Simple Trainer, Enhanced Native Trainer or 'Player Companion'(not sure about that one.) To get AI to swim underwater with you using 'ST', get your Bodyguard into the water, dive and then 'teleport' them to you. Since this is outside of the navmesh, your bodyguard will follow you long as you're underwater. Using ENT, your bodyguard will follow you underwater. It looks odd, because you're dragging them along and they don't 'dive swim'.

You absolutely need to have 'No Boundary Limits' for this map! You 'might' be able to fly to it without 'NBL', but your boat will sink and you'll get 'sharked' to death! Set all the limits in the .INI to 'True' and the 'Depth Limit' to '9999' so you can take submersibles below the game's floor limit.

WARNING: Just like any real Industrial Environment, there are 'dangers' present at this facility. Exercise extreme caution when poking your nose where you shouldn't!


DO NOT MAKE CHANGES AND OR UPLOAD THIS MAP AS YOUR WORK! Do give proper credit in your videos, print and online presentations. Link to this page on 5mods, youtube, discord or any other online medium.
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