PowerStation 1.0


Design by IamMistahWolf

The Infinity Group announces the acquisition of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station! With this new addition to our corporate holdings, a new era for the long suffering plant has come. A complete remodel of Power Control Area 01 transfers all control over plant operations into one office. With new modern equipment we will be hiring qualified staff and support personnel to man the new office.

If having a revamped control area wasn't enough, Infinity Group has built a new 'Snack Shack' on site. No more need to make long 'lunch runs' down Senora or into Sandy Shores when a good hot meal can be had on the job in an instant! The shack is set up for dine-in or take-out. For big orders, call ahead about an hour before lunch break or shift's end. And when shift is over, grab a couple of cold beers to put the cap on a fine workday! Just show your employee ID to confirm your shift is over and grab a cold one! (Limit 2 beers) Infinity Group recognizes space is tight in the Snack-Shack, so a fine streamline Manager's Trailer has been provided. Conduct daily operational business in comfort and wash off the day's grind in the recently remodeled restroom!

Those interested in jobs with Palmer-Taylor Power or taking on the catering contract and snack-shack jobs, contact Infinity Group at our Los Santos Office in the Maze Tower asap! This is an opportunity you won't want to miss....

Map Builder (basic)

Open the 'Power Station' folder and place the Power Station.xml file into MENYOO'S 'Menyoo Stuff/Spooner' folder.

Known issues:

The interiors of the Control Room, Snack-Shack and Manager's Trailer are all AI friendly. Not sure if a bodyguard or angry ped will follow you into the trailer or storage/freezer rooms. They won't teleport into the control room, but will go on 'walkabout' when inside the control room so a scenario will be needed. All doors open except where there's a teleport. Teleports are invisible. Just walk up to the door.

Peds shown in images or videos are not included. Feel free to add your own peds and scenarios.

Please do not change, reupload and claim this map as your work. Do give me credit if you use this map in videos or image captures posted online or printed.

Thanks for downloading this map!

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