Clear HD ENB - Graphics Mod v4.8


Clear HD v4.8 with ENB & ReShade MasterEffect

THIS IS CLEAR HD - and not named "Ultra Killa FX or True Monsta Graphics" for a good reason.

This mod will enhance the original game for a more realistic colorcode + reflections,
a clearer/less blurry image, a sharper & more detailed sight plus few other tweaks.
The changes are subtle and made in small increments in future - but noticable for one with sensitive eyes.
Dont expect overpowering effects.
If you don't like it, there are other graphicmods out there that fit your taste - my goal is to improve the image without becoming annoying in long term gameplay.



Use Ingame FXAA!

You need OpenIV for installing this mod!

Update: 07/06/2015
Please read changelog to know what you need to update from previous versions
Realistic colors
better graphics
more blood (not extreme)
bigger wounds
better blood color
better vehicle damage
more traffic & peds
more ped variation
peds have a bit more health

Updated ReShade 0.18.7

Enabled by default
Toggle Key: "DELETE"

Read the Readme for Instructions

If game crashes at start - you maybe have a file called d3d9.dll or dxgi.dll in there please delete those and test again.
If still crashing you maybe have a videocard not supporting DX11 (or just not activated DX11 ingame in graphic options) in this case you cannot use ENB - delete d3d11.dll, enbseries.ini & enblocal.ini then rename reshade.dll to dxgi.dll (or in some cases d3d9.dll)

juiceproductions (water)
taff70 (thinner rain)
Crosire (ReShade developer)
MartyMcFly (MasterEffect developer)
Boris Vorontsov (ENB developer)
Thank you guys!
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First Uploaded: May 18, 2015
Last Updated: June 14, 2015
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