KoreaBank's Euphoria (KBE) V9




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Hi, I Developed This mod Closest to Gta iv and Max Payne 3's euphoria.
This Mod Modifies The Physics from the game.
All versions have Different kind of variety.
Worked on like 2 weeks for the first version. idk but it was worth it.
I got not much else to say. but This is great af, i got surprised by myself making this.

OIV files got corrupted. Maybe OIV files are gonna be able to use later.

Requires OpenIV and "Mods" foler.
Download OpenIV from its official site.
Create one mods folder if you don't have.

( Main file )
Install "physicstasks.ymt" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-Update-Update.rpf-x64-data-tune
replace it with physicstasks.ymt.

( Not necessary )
Install files inside "naturalmotion" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-common.rpf-data-naturalmotion
Replace wilma.xml, wilma_large.xml, fred.xml and fred_large.xml.

( Not necessary )
Install files inside "x64a.rpf" into:
\OpenIV\Grand Theft Auto V\Mods\x64.rpf\data\tune
replace it with physicstasks.ymt.

Works with:
Mods foler or Original folder.
Intel core i5-6600 or above (My current CPU. Not tested lower CPUs).
Nvidia GTX 970 or above (Not tested lower GPUs).
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti or above (My current GPU).

Brings the Closest Euphoria from max payne 3 and gta IV rolling.
Makes the Euphoria smooth and satisfying.


V9: Improved Shot reactions. Max steps for every balancing tasks and messages increased. Headshot force decreased a little, unnoticeable change. Fixed and improved some legshot reactions. Added optionals that adds some features. Removed KBEV- from every files because those were pretty annoying to install. Added every versions to x64a.rpf and added V6-V6.5 to old versions.zip. You can use them anytime.

V8.5: Changed shot reactions as always. bracing changes. fixed peds falling to knees after getting hit by cars. shock spin values changed. added optional 2x bullet forces. Added InjuredOnGround status. More like "Alive" status. They will be alive few seconds after falling to the ground.

V8: Changed General shot reactions. bullet force slightly increased. new headshot reactions. now they will fall more smooth. and rarely balance when headshot.

V7.5 Hotfix: Fixed headshot grabbing when shot for all alternatives. changed no wound reach for headshot reactions. now they won't grab their head when dropped.

V7.5: Small shot base changes. optional no headshot balancing, similar to V2 alternative. balancing indefinitely values changed. Little bit of bullet force increase.

V7 Fixed: Added chooseable bullet force between 0.25 to 1.0 in optional folder.

V7: Major gunshot reaction changes. Headshot perfected, shot impulse refined. decreased amount of air resistance and spin reducing messages. now you will almost fly when rolling fast. Peds twitching decreased. Alternative version is out. lastly, Readme.txt file has been updated to make people easy to understand. kinda.

V6.5: Made peds able to push around with cars and on foot. Small behaviour changes.

V6: Headshot impulse increased. increased balancing for armshot.

V5.5: A brand new bullet Impulse reactions. now peds will mostly stay balanced, you can push peds slightly. completely removed "armswindmill" that i forgot in previous versions. now peds will react smoothly and almost same way to max payne 3.

V5: General Gunshot reaction changes.

V4.5: Minor bullet force decreases, peds will stay balanced for the most times when they are shot. added naturalmotions folder that will modify behaviours. Small changes of Explosion reactions.

V4: Global Fixes and improvements for Flinch reactions. it's melee reactions if you don't know. like fists, knives and bats. also some Alternative versions are out that doesn't really bother the gameplay but some small features you can check out.

V3.5: Fixed Bullet forces issue, New legshot reactions. and some unnoticeable changes.

V3: Changed global shot reactions.

V2.5: Fixed and Removed some tasks named "Armswindmill" so peds won't swing their arms when they get headshot.

V2: Improved neck shot, added Alternative version that changes headshot reactions and some bugs.

V1.5: Little bit improvement on balancing, fire reactions and some things i forgot.

V1: First version of the mod. Improved Shot reactions, falling and rolls.

Bugs And Glitches:
Peds will sometimes go through the floor and start to glitch when they are on the floor.
The game will crash if you have bad cpu lol.
Peds won't fall properly when they get shot in the neck while standing still.

These Issues May be fixed soon.

This mod is based on original bullet forces but every mod that effects bullet forces are compatible with this mod. Personally recommend to use immersive combat.
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First Uploaded: January 11, 2023
Last Updated: 2 days ago
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