Paleto Score Setup Radio Chatter 0.1


I cannot stress this enough. Please, extract any file you intend to replace to your desktop or a
backup folder or something. It's saved my skin more than a few times, texture pun intended.

Installation: extract to /x64/audio/sfx/SS_QR.rpf. This will replace rurs1 (I believe this is short for "Rural Score Mission 1").
Then you're done.

Enjoy having a the radio chatter on the Paleto score planning mission with something that doesn't sound like what a 10 year old thinks radio chatter sounds like. As someone who works in emergency services myself, this aspect of the mission annoyed me deeply. My rendition isn't perfect either, but it's the best I could do with the time slots I had available to me in the files. This mod is mostly just a practice mod so I know what I'm doing when modding other audio files. I have a few other mods in mind, but they'll have to wait for a later date to be worked upon. This mod isn't meant to be very high quality or the final version. Revisions will likely be made to this, including replacing my annoying voice with someone who's voice I can stand and fixing
audio inconsistancies within the audio. As I said before, this is just practice and a proof of concept for me.

Thank you for downloading.

Raw Script: Due to the way the audio files are read in this game, each line of dialogue is split up into different small clips.
This is the transcript of the original audio (top) and the transcript of my replacement (bottom)


1 0x1B6180E2 Dispatch:"This is Paleto Bay Security Services Frequency, we have a code 30-adam"
2 0x0576FF37 Dispatch:"Alarm going off at Blaine County Savings bank. All cars in the area please respond."
3 0x14C37D00 Unit:"Paleto cars 3, 6, 9, and 1, will be there in 60 seconds."
4 0x1A471BDD Dispatch:"Roger that. Four units. Backup team at station is available."
5 0x0BB35F39 Dispatch"This is Paleto security. Any updates on the code 30-adam? Backup ready to mobilize."
6 0x1D9F97B8 Unit:"Paleto radio, this is Paleto car 3. We have a code 12, false alarm."
7 0x1631EA07 Unit"Possibly triggered intentionally."
8 0x0375897E Dispatch"Roger that. We're going to set up checkpoints on the great ocean highway and the senora freeway"
9 0x04E01051 Dispatch"Car to car searches and record checks."

1 0x1B6180E2 Dispatch:"[BEEP BEEP BEEP] All units, 10-33, there is a 2-11-adam audible"
2 0x0576FF37 Dispatch:"at the Blaine County Savings Bank on Paleto Avenue. Code 10. Units respond code 3."
3 0x14C37D00 Unit:"22-15 responding from the highway North of Paleto. Where do you want me?"
4 0x1A471BDD Dispatch:"22-15, 3 units staged at station 6, RV with them and proceed. Station 9 has 4 units on standby."
5 0x0BB35F39 Dispatch:"22-15, status check." Unit:"22-15, arriving on scene. Standby." Dispatch:"Copy."
6 0x1D9F97B8 Unit:"Code 4 on the 2-11. However staff says they heard a gunshot immediately prior to the alarm"
7 0x1631EA07 Unit:"We should treat this as intentional."
8 0x0375897E Dispatch:"22-15, copy, code 4 on the 2-11. Return to station 6 to get staged to set up checkpoint searches"
9 0x04E01051 Dispatch:"along the highway. 2-11 responders switch to tac 1."]
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