Streets of Rage Brawling 5.1

  • Fighting Overhaul
  • Realistic Brawling
  • Decreased Damage for Animals
  • Decreased Damage for Counter Attacks
  • Decreased Damage for Falls & Drops
  • Decreased Damage for Kicks & Stomps
  • Decreased Damage for Knockout Punches
  • Decreased Damage for Knifes & Blades
  • Increased Punching Rate
  • Two Counters will Kill
  • Beat Pedestrians without Killing them too easy
  • Ped Brawling Style for Better Melee & Attacks
  • Better Range & Targeting
  • Better Recovery & Taunts
  • No More Kicks when using Melee Weapons

  • Decreased Melee Weapons
  • Decreased Melee Weapons Except Knives
  • God Mode Brawling
  • Ignorant Pieces of Shit
  • No Counter Damage
  • Street Vibes (relationships.dat)
  • Tougher Pedestrians
  • UFC Mode more Kicks and Punches
  • Backup Files

  • V5.1 Support for latest version

    Use OpenIV

    1 (damages.meta) (results.meta)

    2 (agitatedtriggers.meta) (scenariotriggers.meta)

    3 (pedbrawlingstyle.meta) (relationships.dat)

    4 (behaviours.xml)
    Create a folder called naturalmotion
    Use Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul if you want

    RS Mods
    More Add-On Cars & Peds
    No More MK-Ultra Effects
    Performance Commandline

    GTA5Cheats.com Review
  • First Uploaded: May 18, 2015
    Last Updated: October 12, 2016
    Last Downloaded: 1 hour ago

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    • Default
      August 29, 2016
    • Default

      @RSBEATS no more euphoria fightings?

      August 30, 2016
    • Tubeguy

      is there a way to make everyone fight instead of bodyguards and attacking peds standing around like GTA 4?

      August 30, 2016
    • Default

      No damages meta in update\update.rpf\common\data\action

      August 31, 2016
    • Default

      @RSBEATS Which lines in behaviours enable more knockdowns during a fight? Using the Naturalmotion mod, which has its own behaviours.xml file.

      September 12, 2016
    • Gtao47

      @RSBEATS come on man your mod is awesome but we need OIV installation to easy install plz make it

      September 13, 2016
    • Lamar

      Just what I needed thanks

      October 01, 2016
    • Gtao47

      Just plz make OIV package dude !

      October 12, 2016
    • Trevor3

      @RSBEATS for 678v of game do i need instal 350v or 877v

      October 12, 2016
    • 1a2dfb 2015 08 23 213939


      October 12, 2016
    • Heists

      @RSBEATS Hey men thanks so much for this awesome mod, for some reason chrome tells me is malicious file but obviously it isn't, thanks for the update

      October 12, 2016
    • Bugstars


      October 15, 2016
    • Bugstars

      Can you make the fight in euphoria 'mod' only ?

      October 15, 2016
    • D1b047 q fpsami7ps[1]

      @RSBEATS is it possible to make special key for every type of atack?
      for every punch, kick... to make possible to choose a needed like in fighting games

      October 23, 2016
    • Bugstars

      @RSBEATS How can I have euphoria fight only?

      October 30, 2016
    • Chop2

      @RSBEATS Yo i tried Biker DLC gameconfig but nothing makes more people jump in on the action. t seems i can only get a few peds to fight at once. the rest just stand an wait their turn. Any way to change that to like gta 4 where everybody jump in?

      November 01, 2016
    • Default

      the results.meta seems conflict with rippler realism can you combine them?

      November 19, 2016
    • Default

      I have put all the files in the correct locations yet my game is corrupted? Any help?

      November 26, 2016
    • Default

      @RSBEATS so keen to install this mod but theres just so many files to manually install and im scared ill fuck my game up. Could you please make this a .oiv? 5 stars cause looks like an awesome mod otherwise :)

      January 06, 2017
    • 9a3d34 picasion.com 76244cb3be3cfc40f264471481312f55

      @RS Mods Need Compatibility with RDE 3.0.1 Please!

      9 days ago
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