Tupac Shakur [PED] 2.1

Tupac's Head by BIEBS

Red bandana and hoodie.

Bandana by Gabriel Augusto
New shirt exported and converted from DLC Lowriders by Gabriel Augusto

New Hoodie(Green texture by me), pants and sneakers by BIEBS (Exported from Eminem)
New eye color and new size for nose piercing.

1. Start OpenIV.
2. Go to: x64v/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_mp.rpf
3. Delete the files of FamDD.
4. Add the new files.

1. Go to: x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\mp_m_famdd_01_p
2. Delete all files.
3. Add the new files.
First Uploaded: October 20, 2016
Last Updated: 3 days ago
Last Downloaded: 3 hours ago
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Cd9ec8 gta5 2017 01 18 15 38 32 22
Cd9ec8 gta5 2017 01 18 15 39 13 49

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  • Default

    Okay. I'm going to try sound as less salty as possible. You're mod sucks. I can't install it. I've followed every instruction about 8 times. It still won't work. It either gives me the Franklin head without eyes or it gives me a Tupac head without any texture, eyes, beards etc. I can't install this and it really is frustrating me considering I followed every single instruction. Please make a tutorial video.

    January 11, 2017
  • 99167c original facebook geek profile avatar 6

    this mod is getting better and better

    January 11, 2017
  • Default

    Here's some images of what it looks like. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I'm not.

    January 11, 2017
  • 772b4a ‪+92 322 7542665‬ 20160530 123446

    2 PAC

    January 11, 2017
  • 3138bb 13392850 1803043846597284 437912217 n

    can please make face 50 Сent?

    January 11, 2017
  • 3138bb 13392850 1803043846597284 437912217 n

    and it would be better Eazy e)

    January 11, 2017
  • Trevor

    I know you downloaded version 1.7 to be able to replace Franklin, you need to install ''head_000_r.ydd'' in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mppatches.rpf\player_one

    Need to install all files from the ''Tupac Shakur's Head'' folder in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one

    January 11, 2017
  • Default

    @TowelieGTA Change facial hair to Clean Shave. The hair doesn't really matter I think but just scroll through them too after if it's an afro or something.

    January 11, 2017
  • Default

    @carelessdanny Actually, listen to N.W.A, it's not all about being "hard" in their music. Eminem also has meaning in his songs.

    January 11, 2017
  • F4be08 14089578 192840277799392 629302968 n

    nicee bro legend :D

    January 12, 2017
  • Default

    @gabrielaugusto Just did everything you said. Same thing still happens. No eyes, no texture, just the shape of his head. @marcfu7 Did that, nothing happened.

    January 12, 2017
  • 601639 img 20170106 050442 745

    My brother do this to me so much sevinirim <3 http://i.hizliresim.com/m4pEJ2.png

    10 days ago
  • Ecc150 mask promotional01

    I'd be throwing up the middle finger too if someone snapped a photo of me wearing Elmer Fudd's green huddie and fake Adidas.

    10 days ago
  • Default

    can u also do money ?

    9 days ago
  • Trevor

    @gnaam I did not understand the question.

    8 days ago
  • Default


    7 days ago
  • 772b4a ‪+92 322 7542665‬ 20160530 123446

    @gabrielaugusto If this can replace Franklin ;)

    4 days ago
  • A87815 photo

    red wings hockey shirt asap!

    4 days ago
  • Franklin3

    Nice mod

    3 days ago
  • 7c6a10 image

    The bandana made it even look more like pac, dope

    1 day ago
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