Casey's Highway Clearance 1.0


Casey's Highway Clearance Mod v1.0
Rooft0p 2015

Start_Mod = Add
Start_Work = Decimal
Select_Job = NumPad1
Show_Sheet = NumPad0

TowTrucks Default Keys:
LShift = Raise Boom
LCtrl = Lower Boom
H = Detach Vehicle
E = Vehicle Warning Lights

This is a work in progress, At the moment the mod will enable 50 General Recovery Jobs for you to do in The Towtruck, Just hit the Start_ Mod Key and you will be teleported to your HQ, Enter the vehicle and Press Select_Job to cycle through the available jobs then Press Start_Work to select that job, THere are various Drop Off Point around the map, When you have reached your final destination with the vehicle drop it off in the designated areas and detach it, A ped will then appear to process the vehicle this is done off timers so the faster you drop the vehicle the better it will work for you, You can also enable a companion, At the moment this is set to Chop, He will get in the vehicle with you and also get out and attack any peds that dont like you, Chop has a few issues getting into the vehicle sometimes, The best way to get chop into the vehicle is by parking it so chop is as close to passenger door as possible then enter the vehicle directly from the front of it he will then get in always Animation is a bit weird but he gets in, Chop can be disabled in the config file if not wanted, You can aloso disable the watermark in the Config file and change all keys if needed.

To Do:
Find better process locations for smoother Drop Offs
Majorly tweak each mission to add more content, individual scenarios
Add Penalties, Timers to Jobs
General tweak of locations, vehicles. menus etc
Anything else i think of along the way

Known issues:
Mod is only able to be disabled when not on a job, best to disable away from a process point
Mod does not clear on Death or Arrest so if on a job you will have to find your truck again complete job and disable
Best to drop a vehicle at a location facing foward this will help ped to drive to process point
Drop off vehicle and detach as quickly as possible at process point
Chop has weird enter vehicle animations and sometimes refuses to enter vehicle (see above for best way to get chop in)
GPS Route Breaks Alot (This will not effect the job in any way you will just have to place your own waypoint on the blip if it does)

Requires Script Hook V: http://gtaforums.com/topic/788343-vrel-script-hook-v/
Requires Community Script Hook V.NET v0.9: http://gtaforums.com/topic/789907-vrel-community-script-hook-v-net/

Place inside your scripts folder
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First Uploaded: May 30, 2015
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