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Mod description:

Controlled Chaos mod does what it's name says. This mod is meant to offer as much customization as possbile for its features. It's features being environmental chaos, such as manipulating the gravity of entities. It is a humble and small mod of my own little ideas, upon which I intend to improve and add more features.

The main reason behind this mod is simply my curiuosity. I am a sophomore Software Engineering student with a little free time. This is my first mod and I am sure it's not up to standards :). Being a primitive mod as it is, I am open to feedback and suggestions.

Menu key : F6 (default)
Key to launch player : Z
Key to explode black hole: X

These keys are customizable in the Controlled_Chaos.ini.


Extract the Controlled_ChaosV1.0.rar in your Gta scripts folder.

The files exist of :


Bugs and Features:

Features consist of:
-Chaos, this feature simply manipulates peds and vehicles around the player to compliment the other features.

-Player Launcher, after enabling this feature in the main menu the player can hold the specified key (Z by default) to fly in the direction that the game camera is looking.

-Bus Rain, literally a rain of busses. I know, it's dumb.

-Bus Rain Prop Rain, slighlty more intriuging variation of Bus Rain. An advantage of spawning props is the added multiplier relying on the apparent fact that the game can handle a lot of props at once.

-Vehicle Shooter, I am sure not the first of it's kind. But I hope to differ by offering customization to it's abilities.

-Black Hole, it's not much of a black hole as it is a central magnetic field. But I called it black hole because it sounds better.

And hopefully, many more features untill I lose interest or lack any suggestions.

-Black Hole On Player, an even more surreal take on the Black Hole feature. Focuses the black hole on the players location. Entities will cease movement upon entering the size of the black hole. The black hole will follow the player if the entities exit the size of the black hole.


V 1.0.1

+added On Player function for Black Hole
+added Prop Rain function for Bus Rain
+added Ability to change the vehicle model for Bus Rain in ini
+added Ability to change prop model for Prop Rain Functionality in Bus Rain in ini
-Fixed bug where exploding a black hole while in a vehicle would also manipulate the players vehicle
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